New cave discovered in Oman
February 6, 2018 | 3:32 PM
by Times News Service
The new cave that was discovered by the Speleological Team of Oman. Photo: Supplied.

Muscat: Kittat Al Suwairat, a new cave approximately 1,300 metres above sea level was discovered in Al Hamra, announced the Ministry of Tourism.

Talking about the cave the ministry said, “The Speleological Team of Oman surveyed yet another major addition to Oman's geological and natural masterpieces.”

The cave, like others in the area, enables long-term researchers to study the properties of rocks and groundwater in the area, in addition to being a potential tourist destination in Oman for those with an adventurous spirit.

"The passage of the underground cave follows a path similar to the valleys and the shafts above, and its path descends from an altitude of approximately 1,300 metres above sea level to the south," MoT said.

Although the passage generally does not require the use of ropes and climbing equipment, walking through it requires attention because the floor and boulders are wet in many places. People could slip and slide down a few metres, if caution is not exercised. The cave ends with a lake that meets the roof of the cave and it cannot be crossed without the use of appropriate diving equipment.

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