Rediscover Arab performing arts at Muscat Festival
February 4, 2018 | 5:00 PM
by Ismael David Mujahid

The Muscat Festival is all about rediscovering roots and celebrating the cultural wealth of this huge Middle Eastern nation. No such journey is complete without considering the different forms of performing arts, an important part of the Arab culture, dating back centuries.

This year, while the Festival observes its 20th anniversary with the theme “Let’s Celebrate Together”, the event organisers decided to promote popular folklores from different regions of the Sultanate. Throughout the month-long festival, popular bands and groups from different wilayats of Oman will showcase their traditional arts and entertain the crowds.

The art forms include Ar Razhaa, a traditional sword dance performed by men during celebrations; Al Youlah, a popular dance form in which men rotate vintage short guns in their hands while dancing to the rhythmic beat of drums; and Al Aazi, another celebratory art form performed during parades and such events. One can witness these forms between 4pm and 11pm at Naseem Garden and learn more about Oman’s historic dance, music, and art forms from experts who have been practicing them for years.

Also, like most years, due importance has been given to traditional music and dance at the Muscat Festival. Apart from traditional performing art forms, a number of other folk dances and music will regale the public on a daily basis at Naseem Garden. In fact, as many as 12 dancers from India will entertain crowds during the Open Theatre show,between 6pm and 10.30pm, from Sunday to Wednesday.

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