Full list of Oman's new traffic rules and laws in 2018
January 31, 2018 | 1:52 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: With a number of changes to the traffic laws being announced over the past few days, we've compiled this list of the new rules and laws for you.

Here's the full list of updated traffic offences and rules, with their corresponding penalties and fees:

Rule Fee/fine (OMR) Points added to license
Issuing a permanent light driving license 100 (fee) 0
Exceeding the maximum speed by more than 75 Km/h 50 3
Exceeding the maximum speed by more than 50 to 75 km/h 35 2
Exceeding the maximum speed by more than 35 km/h 10 0
Driving in a speed that disrupts traffic 35 1
Parking in a designated ambulance parking 35 1
Parking in a disabled parking spot 50 2
Parking on the (yellow line) on the right, when it is not an emergency 35 1
Parking on the designated footpath 15 0
Overtaking on the yellow line or on the island 50 2
Overtaking by heavy vehicles or trucks on roads that do not permit overtaking 50 2
Transporting passengers over the limit specified in the vehicle's license 10 1
Hauling or transporting another vehicle on a public road in a way that poses a threat to other drivers 35 1
Hauling or transporting a vehicle by another vehicle smaller in size and engine power 35 1
Driving a vehicle with a license from another category 50 3
Failure to adhere to the correct path at the traffic lights 15 1
Driving with export or import plates after the expiry of the prescribed period 35 1
Learning to drive a car without an instructor 35 0
Training to drive a vehicle without a driving instructor's license 35 1
The installation of additional equipment by workshops or individuals that increase the engine's power or sound output 50 3
Repair of a vehicle that has been seriously damaged without the prior consent of the police 35 0
Not adding reflective markings on heavy vehicles and equipment 15 1
Using mobile phones or any other electronic device while driving 15 2
Not using the correct safety belt for the driver and the passengers. 10 1
Distraction with non-driving activities, such as reading or tampering with the vehicle's equipment 10 0
Covering the entire face beyond the recognition of the driver 50 3
Issuance of temporary driver's license 10 (fee)
Driving license loss form 5 (fee)
Authorization / renewal of driving instructor license 15 (fee)
Replacement of missing driving instructor license 5 (fee)
Issuing lost / damaged ownership of all types of vehicles and motorbikes. 5 (fee)
Add / remove mortgage on a vehicle. 5 (fee)
Unlicensed vehicle export certificate (new, scrap, wreck) 10 (fee) 7 days
Licensed vehicle export certificate 10 (fee) 7 days
Change of permit (Rule, Structure, Colour, Engine, Other Accessories) 5 (fee) 14 days
Certificate of Discharge for Overhangs / Replacement of Losses 5 (fee) 30 days
Certificate of vehicle cancelation / replacement 5 (fee)
Proof of ownership transfer / first owner 5 (fee)
Inspection of buses that carry up to 25 passengers 5 (fee)
Inspection of trucks and buses that carry 26 passengers and more 10 (fee)
Re-inspection of trucks and buses that carry 26 passengers and more, after the completion of the inspection period without renewal 10 (fee)
Re-inspection of buses that carry up of 25 passengers 5 (fee)
Automatically inspecting the base of the vehicle 40 (fee)
Re-weighing the vehicle 10 (fee)
Stopping the vehicle on the side of the road in a position that endangers its users 35 1
Abandoning a vehicle on either side of a road 15 0
Parking a car for sale in places other than those designated for display or sale 35 0
Parking on the yellow line on the left side of the road 50 2
Parking a truck in a distance less than 5 metres between the yellow line on the right and the mine road, in a situation that is not an emergency 50 2
Parking on a part of the road 10 0
Overtaking in the path of deceleration, acceleration and pedestrian ramps 15 1
Driving on the yellow line continuously with an intent to overtake another vehicle 10 1
Overtaking dangerously by trucks or buses 35 2
Overtaking by buses or trucks on non-main roads 15 1
Commercial transportation on a vehicle carrying temporary registration plates 15 1
Transporting passengers in a vehicle or motor bike with a teaching plate 15 1
Transporting passengers which exceeds the number decided on buses 15 1
Using headlights at high beam in a way that endangers other drivers 10 0
Not installing warning light on the dashboard on trucks, trailers or not repairing it 15 0
Driving a vehicle without its main lights on a road that is lit 10 0
Driving heavy vehicles at a time when it is prohibited 35 1
Raising the volume of the sound system, radio or any recording on the road 10 1
Not turn on the light alarm for trucks and accompanying vehicles 15 1
Driving a car with a license that has been withdrawn or canceled 50 2
Leaving a scene of an accident before all procedures are done 35 2
Not stopping for a police officer 35 1
Not stopping at a check point 50 3
Driving a foreign car after the end of the prescribed period 50 0
Following ambulances on roads 35 2
Driving a foreign car other than for tourism, passing through or visits 35 0
Driving a motor bike without wearing a helmet (driver and passenger) 35 2
Driving a bicycle without wearing a helmet (driver and passenger) 10 0
Driving a vehicle or a bike with limited use other than in designated places 50 2
Driving a vehicle without holding the steering wheel, or not sitting on the seat properly 35 2
Driving a delivery motorbike on the main roads 10 1
Drifting 50 3
Driving the vehicle on a closed or under construction road 10 1
Misrepresentation of vehicle panel data or coverage the panel or part of it 50 3
Not installing the vehicle license plate in its designated location clearly 35 1
Driving/operating a foreign vehicle with temporary registration after the expiry of the prescribed period 50 0
Tinning or coloring the car windows of the driving instructor car / taxi 15 1
Installation of a tool or a device to place the mobile phone or any other electronic device for the driver use 15 1
Install a box on the motorbike without permission 15 1
If the driving instructor is occupied with something other than teaching 35 1
If the driving instructor uses a mobile phone or any electronic device during a lesson 15 2
If the driving instructor is teaching with an expired permit 35 2
Teaching in a vehicle in an unauthorized category 50 2
All driving instructors have to be in formal Omani dress 10 1
Driving a learner vehicle without a permit 35 2
Violations of renting offices/showrooms for selling vehicles 50 0
Not using children's car seats for children under the age of 4 10 1
Installing stickers or additions to the vehicle without permission 50 0
Carrying passengers inside a cargo box 10 1
Adding or changing fuel tanks other than factory specifications 50 0
Opening outlets on the roads without the approval of the administration 50 0

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