In a first, hospital in Oman inaugurates thoracic surgery unit

Oman Tuesday 21/February/2023 15:20 PM
By: Times News Service
In a first, hospital in Oman inaugurates thoracic surgery unit
The thoracic unit includes an Omani cadre.

Muscat: With the aim of providing advanced and comprehensive care for patients, the Royal Hospital has inaugurated a thoracic surgery unit, the first of its kind in the Sultanate of Oman on Tuesday, 21 February, 2023.

The unit will deal with lung and oesophageal cancers, pleural diseases, tumors of the mediastinum, thorax, diaphragm problems, lung diseases, benign esophagus and chest injuries, in addition to surgeries and diagnostic and treatment services through pulmonary and gastroscopy endoscopy.

Dr. Sami bin Sulaiman Al Farsi, Director General of the Royal Hospital, confirmed to Oman News Agency that the launch of the thoracic surgery unit represents one of the most ambitious plans to expand the services provided and target various segments of society, especially since the hospital is one of the most important reference institutions in the Sultanate of Oman.

The thoracic unit includes an Omani cadre consisting of Dr. Yassin bin Muhammad Al-Lawati and Dr. Aziza bint Nasser Al-Rawahiyya, in addition to other assistance cadres.

Dr. Aziza Al Rawahi said that the inauguration of the Thoracic Surgery Unit at the Royal Hospital reinforces the Ministry of Health's commitment to providing specialised, high-quality healthcare, keeping abreast of developments in this field and pioneering the use of new surgical techniques.

She explained that the Thoracic Surgery Unit works closely with the Board of Oncology and Chest Radiology to evaluate medical diagnosis and treatment options to ensure that the patient receives the best and most appropriate treatment for cancer, as the unit works to improve public awareness of diseases of the chest and esophagus and encourage people to seek care when symptoms of cancer appear.

The inauguration of the unit included a presentation of the complex cases treated by the thoracic surgery team during the months preceding the launch of the specialised unit, the most prominent research projects conducted by the team, ways to maintain high quality of care and the unit's future plans.