Minister of Health describes status of healthcare during presentation in Majlis Shura

Oman Monday 20/February/2023 20:10 PM
By: Times News Service
Minister of Health describes status of healthcare during presentation in Majlis Shura

Muscat: Majlis Al Shura hosted Dr.Hilal bin Ali Al Sabti, Minister of Health on Monday. The minister delivered a video presentation on the health system in Oman tackling a number of issues related to the health sector, including the status of healthcare, future growth plans and proposals to overcome the challenges in the health field.

The meeting was attended by Khalid bin Hilal Al Mawali, Chairman of Majlis Al Shura, Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Nadabi, Secretary General of Majlis Al Shura and Hill bin Hamad Al Sarmsi, Chairman of the Health and Environment Committee and a number of members of Majlis Al Shura.

The presentation also covered the health services and other issues related to the health sector.

The minister also spoke on the present and actual condition of human resources (medical cadres and administrative staff) and proposals to develop their skills to upgrade their efficiency and capabilities of hospitals and other medical establishments.

In his speech, the Minister elaborated on the basic structure of the health sector in the Sultanate of Oman, including the number of hospitals, the future plans for construction of new hospitals, abroad treatment and new challenges.

The Health Minister also briefed on the theoretical framework of the main health features in Oman Vision 2040, the strategic plans of the 10th five –year plan (2012- 2025) and the transformation the ministry aspires for.


The presentation also discussed the challenges facing the government health services, finance of the health system, human resources, medicines and vaccines and health information system among other issues.

The members discussed aspects covered in the presentation and expressed their views on the development of the health sector and inquired on the legislative and legal mechanisms for operating the health sector and presented important proposals for its development.