Outdoor Exercises in Muscat

T-Mag Thursday 21/January/2016 18:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Outdoor Exercises in Muscat

The Sultanate offers an array of options for all those who wish to use the nation’s natural resources to stay fit, healthy, and happy. In Muscat, there are breathtaking relief features like high green and brown mountain ranges and vast, spread-out stretches of clean beaches available as backdrops for fitness routines that will rejuvenate our minds, bodies, and souls. Outdoor exercise has been shown to improve mood and increase workout endurance, and it is totally free. So, get out of the gym and try one of these calorie-busting, mood improving workouts this week.

1. Outdoor Running
There is no fitness programme more convenient and simple than running; all you need is the will to run and a safe stretch of road or earth to cross. Outdoor running can become addictive, since the ever changing scenery keeps you engrossed and focused throughout your workout; it helps loosen all your muscles; and it is a sure way to keep your mind fresh and your brain active.

Where to Run
Al Khoud City
Run along the 10.4km paved perimeter of Al Khoud City.

Ministries Route
Start this 3.1km flat route run from the Zawawi mosque and continue to the small roundabout in the ministries area.

If you’re looking for a long, slow run try this 25km track from the Azaiba Jetty to Shatti Al Qurum, near the Brazilian Embassy.

Average calories burned per hour (160 pounds): 606

• Aids in weight loss
• Relieves depression and stress
• Boosts cardiovascular health by making the heart pump stronger and encouraging the muscles to use oxygen more efficiently
• Improves aerobic fitness
• Helps to rev-up metabolism

2. Cycling
Cycling is something that many learned and enjoyed as children. So, why grow up? Cycling engages your leg muscles and is easy on the joints. Moreover, it gives you a sense of freedom that does wonders for your mood and mind as you cover long distances and explore new places while getting a workout.

Where to Ride
Try the 40km path from Qurum to the Civil Aviation Club and back.

The Wave
Ride along a 32km stretch of Al Mouj’s coast road to the far roundabout and back, and enjoy the amazing sea breezes and views.

Average calories burned per hour (160 pounds): 292

• Builds strength and muscle tone
• Improves cardiovascular fitness
• Reduces stress
• Helps in joint protection
• Easy on the legs, ankles, and joints

3. Hiking
Hiking in Oman is not just the best way to enjoy the country’s beautiful mountains, but can also be an adventurous fitness activity. It gives your legs a tremendous strength workout and provides major cardiovascular benefits. Working-out in the open air where you get to hear the natural sounds of birds chirping, water splashing, and fresh breezes blowing around you, is also good for the mind.

Where to Hike
Try out the rocky, partly steep, but easy going 2.5km short hill and wadi walk from Riyam to Muttrah.

Average calories burned per hour(160 pounds): 438

• Lowers risk of heart diseases
• Boosts bone density
• Builds strength in glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and the muscles in your hips and lower legs
• Strengthens core
• Improve blood pressure and blood sugar level

4. Outdoor Yoga
Break-out of the boring four-walled yoga studio and get your stretch and strength in a more natural surrounding. A yoga routine outdoors costs nothing and is completely revitalising, bringing you closer to the purpose of yoga, which is, achieving unity. Oman is enriched with scenic landscapes perfect for helping the body interact with all the natural forces around it.

Where to Yoga
The public beaches of Qurum are a nice option, but for a less sandy experience go to the Qurum Rose Garden.

Naseem Garden is a tranquil retreat in the morning time when you can practice with virtually no one else around.

Average calories burned per hour
(160 pounds): 183

• Replenish depleted energy
• Increase flexibility and prevent muscle injuries
• Improve meditation and clarity of mind
• Opens up various sensations

5. Beach Volleyball
Have you ever wondered why volleyball players have such well-toned bodies? Beach volleyball is a perfect way to take advantage of Muscat’s beautiful beaches and at the same time workout all your muscles. Apart from the hardcore physical workout you get, the game also helps you improve your hand-eye coordination and boosts mental agility.

Where to Play
Gather a group of friends and head to any of the Muscat-area beaches to make your own game. There are often group pick-up games at the beach in Shatti Al Qurum and at Al Sawadi beach near Barka.

Average calories burned per hour(160 pounds): 544

• Tones and shapes the body
• Increases metabolic rate
• Builds muscular strength
• Keeps the heart healthy
• Builds agility, coordination, speed, and balance

6. Gardening
Though most people think of it as a leisure activity, an hour of gardening can burn as many calories as jogging four miles. Get your hands dirty to give your mind and body a boost. It’s also great for the environment and could be economically advantageous if you grow your own vegetables or herbs.

Where to Garden
Your own backyard.

Average calories burned per hour(160 pounds): 306

• Increases flexibility
• Strengthen joints
• Decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels
• Lowers your risk for diabetes
• Slows osteoporosis

7. Swimming
Oman is known all across the GCC for its beautiful beaches, and swimming is known for being one of the greatest forms of all-round exercise. Pair the two and you have a winning combination. There are a lot of swimming pools in Oman, which are great for this low-impact exercise as well, but no man-made lagoon can make you feel the way you will swim in the deep blue ocean.

There are public beaches at Shatti Al Qurum, Azaiba beach, Al Sawadi, and near PDO, and memberships to all area hotels include access to their private beaches.

Average calories burned per hour(160 pounds): 423

• Full-body workout
• Improves cardiovascular fitness
• Improves stamina, suppleness, and strength
• No-impact, so good for people with joint problems
• Works legs, core, chest, back, shoulders, and hands

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