Want to run Windows 11 on your latest Apple MacBook models? Now you can

Business Saturday 18/February/2023 07:30 AM
Want to run Windows 11 on your latest Apple MacBook models? Now you can

Washington: If you have ever wanted to run Windows 11 on your M1 and M2-powered MacBook models, powered by Apple's ARM silicon, the latest version of the Parallels Desktop can now do just that with the help of Microsoft.

According to GSM Arena, a tech news-related website, this solution has been developed by the Parallels team and Alludo. This would particularly beneficial for Mac users who need software that only runs on Windows as some professional applications do not have macOS versions, but are vital for certain jobs.

Prior versions of Parallels could run Windows, but they only supported Windows 10. The most recent version works with Windows 11, which expands user options.
On all current Apple M-powered Macs, Parallels Desktop version 18 supports Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise. Though users need a valid Windows license, this can be handled company-wide with Key Management Services.

Interestingly, the Windows Subsystem for Android, aka Windows 11's Android emulation works on Parallels Desktop, meaning users can download Android apps from the Amazon App Store and run them on Mac. The Windows Subsystem for Linux works as well.

Meanwhile, DirectX 12 is one of the unsupported features on the list. Moreover, 32-bit ARM programs cannot be used with Windows.

As per GSM Arena, to run the new Parallels Desktop, you'll need 600MB to install the app, as well as a Windows 11 installation (and licence), along with the apps you want to run.