Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love

Lifestyle Sunday 12/February/2023 21:37 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love

No matter what you choose to do, remember that Valentine's Day isn't just about romance. Your friends and family are loves of your life, too.  While the focus may naturally shift to romantic partners, it's also the perfect time to honour your closest friends and family.

Whether you're going full-on Galentine's Day - celebrating Valentine's with your gal pals - or you simply want to send a smile and show you care for your best friends near and far, here are few ideas for making loved ones feel special and appreciated.

Put feelings into words

Don't assume your loved ones know how you feel. Put those thoughts down in words and share them on Valentine's Day. You don't have to be a writer to express how much you appreciate friends and family. Whether a special email, thoughtful social post or traditional handwritten letter, open your heart and share how much they mean to you.

Not sure where to start? Think about all the reasons they make you smile and share the list. Say you're grateful for your relationship, and provide a few reasons why. Spend some time reminiscing and then share a heartfelt story or two that has stuck with you over time. There's no specific formula as long as you speak from the heart.

Go better than bouquets

Bouquets of flowers in various hues are a traditional gift on Valentine's Day. The problem is, even if you tend to them properly and keep the water in the vase fresh, cut flowers will wilt and die. Alternatively, consider potted plants that will live on, the ideal symbol of your lasting love.

Some options: A potted flower adds a fresh scent and pop of color indoors or out. Some potted plants - like a snake plant or a money plant - are great indoors for improving air quality. Potted herb plants put fresh flavor within reach in the kitchen. Air plants are especially good for people without a green thumb because they require minimal care.

Create a sumptuous meal

Food is a love language all its own, so consider making a luxurious homemade meal for your favourite friends and family. Whether you invite over one person or a group, this is your opportunity to show you care by filling their bellies and hearts with goodness.

Perhaps you're known for a certain dish and can make that? Maybe you want to try that new cooking trend and create some unique dishes to nosh on? Is now the time to try that fine cuisine you've been hearing all about? No matter what you choose, don't forget wine pairings for an extra special touch.

Consider acts of kindness

Everyone has to-do lists longer than there are hours in the day. If you want to lighten a loved one's load, take the time to help them on Valentine's Day. Not only will this show them you care, it will relieve some stress so they can feel extra loved on this special day.

For example, offer to run a nagging errand or come over to their house to do their least-favorite chore. Say you'll watch their kids or pet sit so they can get away without worries. Come over to help them fix something they've put off for a while - whether computer problem or leaky sink. You offering to help and following through will definitely make an impact.