Trump says considering 10 candidates for vice president

World Thursday 07/July/2016 12:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Trump says considering 10 candidates for vice president

Washington: Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, on Thursday said he has shortlisted 10 potential running mates.

While Trump did not disclose the names, two potential shortlisted candidates Senators Bob Corker and Joni Ernest indicated that they were not in the race.

Among his possible running mates being highly speculated are Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey and Senator Jeff Sessions.

"Well, I'm actually looking at 10 people, and three or four called me up, very big names, Senate and governor and all. And they want to be considered. And we're looking very, very strongly," Trump told Fox News in an interview.

"I met with Joni. She was terrific, and very supportive.

As you know, Bob was with me yesterday and he told me everything that he really would like to do and Bob is a terrific guy," Trump said.

Later Corker and Ernest said they were not in the race for vice presidential pick.

"It's a highly political job, and that's not who I am. We had a very open conversation about that, and actually, we have been very candid about it from the very beginning of our meetings," Corker told The Washington Post.

Trump said Christie is "certainly" still in the race and described him as a friend and a great guy.

He also praised Gingrich saying "Newt is Newt, you know? Great guy. Tough and smart, and just a fantastic guy".

The real estate tycoon from New York said his list of potential vice presidential candidates also includes two generals.

"Well, I like the generals. I like the concept of the generals. We're thinking about actually there are two of them that are under consideration," he said to a question.

Trump is expected to announce his choice for vice president before the Republican presidential convention in Cleveland later this month.

"I have tremendous people and tremendous interest. We have wonderful people that we're considering. We will make a wise choice. I've gotten to know some of them very well over the past week. And I'll be deciding sometime prior to the convention," Trump said.

"I'm looking for somebody that can be a great vice president, can do a great job, has presidential quality and can also help legislatively and other ways so that wonderful legislation can be passed for the people," Trump said in response to a question.