We Love Oman: Kids hike the snow-clad terrains of Jabal Shams

Oman Monday 06/February/2023 21:07 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: Kids hike the snow-clad terrains of Jabal Shams

If you’ve never hiked the snow-clad mountains during winters, especially with children, it might seem a little daunting at first. But if you muster courage and take up the challenge you are sure to go back home with countless memories to cherish. Like little Ayesha  who is perhaps one of the youngest persons to have hiked Jabal Shams during winters. She was accompanied by Haaadi, Haamiz, Muhammad and Hashim.

 With the temperatures reaching minus degrees during winters, Jabal Shams is no less than a paradise for people living in Oman. While the breath-taking peaks, the spectacular view of the deep wadis and the curvaceous road uphill makes Jabal Shams the most favourite place throughout the year, the mountain looks mesmerizingly beautiful when draped in snow. But before you hit the snow-covered trails you must remember that one has to travel 260km from Muscat, and stop near the Air Force base camp below Jabal Shams and climb up the mountain for 7km. From there one has to hike the rugged terrains of the mountain for almost 4 hours to reach the point where one can witness the white pristine beauty of the snow-clad cliff.

 Muneera and Jusaila, who faced the challenge and reached Jabal Shams with their little ones, are receiving overwhelming praises and accolades on social media for their courage. While congratulatory messages are pouring in from many, there are few who are also raising concerns about their adventures.

 "This was the second time when we went to see the snow. During the first time we had to return as we were not aware of the exact location.  Next day one of the famous photographers Mr. Sami Al Hinai guided us so that we could reach the exact location. We had to come back  to see the glory of Jabal Sham's snow-clad terrains," said Shakira Anas, a travel enthusiast based in Oman.