The University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Al-Musannah Hosts the 22nd Rovers Camp

Roundup Sunday 05/February/2023 12:26 PM
By: Times News Service
The University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Al-Musannah Hosts the 22nd Rovers Camp

The University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Al-Musannah is preparing to host the 22nd Rovers Camp of the university, which will take place from 7-11 February with the participation of 110 rovers and leaders from all its branches. The Rovers Camp is part of the joint activities organized among its branches with the aim of enhancing the spirit of cooperation and solidarity, and developing the spirit of voluntary initiatives among the rovers.

Dr Ahmed bin Ali Al-Shahri, Dean of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Al-Musannah said, “The university administration is proceeding with plans to specifically develop and hone students' skills in various crucial activities as represented by the Rovers Camp, currently in its twenty-second edition under the motto, Rover Scouting, Revival and Giving.”

The university branch in Al-Musannah is hosting this event for the first time, which is an opportunity to express the meaning of interdependence and to exchange experiences and skills in various cultural, social, and scientific fields. It will also emphasise the role of scouting in meeting the needs and aspirations of the youth through its well-established principles and innovative programmes full of passion, challenges, and adventure based on the strong foundations of planning, implementation, decision-making, responsibility, and community service. These activities are also a rich resource for empowering rovers and developing the skills and abilities that will qualify them to be leaders and equip them to serve their country with sincerity and dedication.

Dr Ahmed further added, “We have completed all the preparations for the launch of this annual event through the formation of organising committees. The success of this event can only be achieved through the solidarity and cooperation of all officials, leaders, and rovers, and the outcomes of the Rovers Camp will be invaluable to all those taking part.”

The Rovers Camp will last for five consecutive days, during which the activities will vary to include expeditions, challenges, adventures, training camps, field visits to institutions, night sessions, and a number of cultural, sports and entertainment activities as detailed below.

The Rovers Camp will start by welcoming the participating delegations and distributing them into groups. The following day, the programme will begin with the opening of the Rovers Camp and saluting the flag under the patronage of His Excellency, Dr Said bin Hammad Al Rubaie, Vice Chancellor of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences. The Dean of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Al-Musannah will deliver a speech on behalf of the organizing committee and the rovers will perform the rover yells. The next day, a workshop will be conducted on “How to Write a Press Release on Social Media Websites” followed by another workshop on “The Rope: Knots and Ties”. There will also be a workshop on “The Art of Dealing with People with Disabilities”. At the end of the day, there will be an introductory session on the Challenge and Adventure Programme: Determining Directions and Public Safety. On the third day, the participants will go to Wadi Al-Hawqayn to compete in the Challenge and Adventure Programme. The programme will continue with a visit to Al Rustaq to learn about its famous landmarks, such as Al Rustaq Fort and Al-Hazm Fort. On the fourth day, the participants will go to Al Rustaq Sports Complex to participate in the activities of the Open Sports Day. In the evening, several workshops will be held, including an introduction to the Rover Scouting movement and a workshop on planning. That day’s programme will end with a range of entertainment activities. On the fifth and last day, all participants will fold their tents, store the tools, and attend the closing ceremony where all participating delegations will bid each other farewell.