Fun ways your family can get fit together
January 18, 2018 | 11:15 AM
by Courtesy: StatePoint
Get into a fitness routine.

Is your fitness routine stuck in a rut? Searching for ways to spend more time with your family? Why not combine these goals? There are a variety of ways to lead an active lifestyle that are suitable for the whole family and can include children of all ages. Let these four creative ideas help you turn each day into an opportunity to get fit and have fun as a family, without stepping foot into the gym. As with any workout, it’s important to have the proper gear, and that starts with footwear. So, each exercise below has a suggestion of what to look for when it comes to choosing the right shoe.

• Participate in a charity run/walk: Whether you’re a seasoned runner or have just signed up to run your first 5K, many fundraising races accommodate the entire family. For younger children, look for events that allow jogging strollers or that host a Fun Run. Events that show the importance of communities working together for a larger cause can provide a bonus to the fun.

• Outdoor activities: Heading outdoors to go camping or hiking burns calories, while providing incredible views and memories.

• HIIT: High-Intensity interval training is being incorporated into a lot of workouts these days. HIIT workouts alternate a quick, intense period of exercise, such as running or cycling, followed by a short, active recovery.

• Bodyweight training: The benefits of bodyweight training are seemingly endless. From pushups to squats, these exercises require no additional equipment and can be done anywhere and performed with many modifications. Get creative with your family by doing a circuit of your favorite bodyweight exercises in the park.

Once you’ve got the plan in place, get into a fitness routine that works for your family and stick with it.

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