OmanPride: Muscat Festival 2018 all set to begin
January 17, 2018 | 5:27 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat Festival starts today with promises to showcase mesmerising sights, food, and entertainment for adults and children alike. The festival gates will open from 4pm to 11pm on weekdays, and from 4pm to 12am on weekends. The Organising Committee of Muscat Festival has provided guidance panels outside Naseem Garden and Amerat Park, showing the locations of the events.

The committee has also put up signs at various points to facilitate parking and to guide the vehicles to avoid any traffic congestion around the festival venues. An information service will be available for guidance and updates on the festivities.

The Organising Committee of the Festival, in cooperation with the Royal Oman Police, has put up barriers along the roads to the festival venues for better traffic movement. Some 2,950 parking spaces have been provided at the Naseem Garden, 3,500 at the Amerat Park, and 1,750 parking slots are available at the Oman Automobile Association.

Visitors to Naseem Garden, coming from the Muscat Governorate, are required to take the first exit leading to the main gate of the park, where official parking spaces are available, in addition to the parking spaces that have been set up away from the public road for the safety of the visitors and easy access to various events.

As for those coming from South Batinah and the Express road, they can park behind the venue, because there is an independent exit that leads easily to the highway. The festival sites will have restrooms. The Heritage Village and the Global Village at Al Amerat Park will see a comprehensive makeover.

Special Omani sweets, such as halwa, and snacks will be on offer, all monitored by the authorities for quality.

In addition, facilities will be provided for people with special needs to access various places.

Prayer rooms have been set aside for men and women to enable them to pray on time. Surveillance cameras have also been installed at the Oman Automobile Association. The festival venues will also provide medical services, civil, defence and ambulance services, information, transport and security, for a smoother festival experience.

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