Rima water treatment plant worth OMR87 million inaugurated

Business Wednesday 01/February/2023 15:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Rima water treatment plant worth OMR87 million inaugurated

Muscat: Under the auspices of His Highness Sayyed Marwan bin Turki bin Mahmood Al Said, Governor of Dhofar, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) celebrated on Wednesday the inauguration of its second nature-based project, Rima Water Treatment Plant.

The project, valued at OMR87 million, follows the success of the company’s award-winning Nimr Wetlands, which treats produced water using a series of sloping reed fields and evaporation ponds.
The event, held at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre in Muscat, was attended by several senior government officials, members of the company’s board and executive committee and representatives from both the public and private sectors.

His Highness Sayyed Marwan bin Turki bin Mahmood Al Said, Governor of Dhofar, said, “It was a pleasure to attend today’s inauguration of the Rima Water Treatment Plant, a remarkable environmentally friendly project that applies natural technology to treat and manage water associated with oil production.

“This project showcases a commitment to using natural technology and green solutions to preserve the environment and make the most of our natural resources. It sets a strong example to be followed in the region and worldwide, especially in terms of sustainable water management and addressing the challenges faced in the oil and gas industry. We commend PDO for its innovative and environmentally responsible approach to its work and projects. The company’s dedication to preserving the environment is truly admirable and deserves recognition.”

Spanning an area of 25 km2, Rima Water Treatment Plant uses a gravitational oil and water separation and natural biological treatment process, an emerging breakthrough technology that is the first of its kind to be used in Oman. This innovative solution not only ensures the effective treatment of the water but also creates a desert oasis for local wildlife. The project has the capacity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 53,000 tonnes per year.

PDO Managing Director Steve Phimister said: “Rima Water Treatment Plant represents a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. By using nature-based solutions to treat wastewater, we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create new habitats for wildlife. Indeed, it is a breakthrough technology that provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional deep-water disposal (DWD) methods, and can be utilised in many other industries that produce wastewater as a by-product.”

Before the launch of the plant, 60 per cent of the associated water produced at Rima was used for water flooding to maximise recovery, with the remaining 40% being pumped into a deep reservoir in an expensive and energy-intensive operation. This has now been replaced by a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution, capable of processing up to 65,000 cubic metres of associated water a day and reducing high-energy consumption by 10 megawatts.

The construction and commissioning of the plant came four months ahead of schedule with around 1.38 million LTI-free manhours achieved. Additionally, all construction work was carried out by local companies, with types of equipment being procured and prefabricated in Oman.