Al Ahlia Insurance launches new brand identity
January 16, 2018 | 6:36 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Supplied

Muscat: Al Ahlia Insurance Company, Oman’s most progressive insurance company, has announced the launch of its new brand identity.

Along with this new brand comes an enhanced approach to the customer experience at branches, superior online service platforms and enriched product offerings, collectively raising the bar significantly in Oman’s insurance industry.

The new brand identity and branch customer experience plans were unveiled at a presentation by Lloyd East, Regional CEO, RSA (Middle East) & managing director of Al Ahlia Insurance Co. Oman, in the presence of all employees of Al Ahlia, including some of whom have witnessed the remarkable progress made by the company over the last three decades.

The new brand launch follows the IPO of Al Ahlia, which was the first successful IPO offering in the country in 2017.

Alongside the introduction of the vibrant new identity, the company also revealed its reenergised mission encapsulated within a core philosophy of ‘One Step Ahead’, that has inspired the new brand identity; and will be an intrinsic part of the organisational culture as it moves forward.

Speaking on the occasion, Lloyd said, “As a progressive insurer, we are constantly looking at exciting new ways to foster better engagement and relationships with stakeholders. The insurance industry in Oman holds a lot of promise, and our rebranding reflects the changing consumer dynamics and their high expectations from an insurer. Our new philosophy ‘One Step Ahead’ is embedded in a culture of empowering our customers to take charge of tomorrow, and enabling them to succeed with confidence.”

Elaborating further on the new brand identity, Addal Sarwar, director – Retail, Al Ahlia Insurance Co., Oman said, “Our distinct and vibrant new identity is a result of months of customer research and feedback, competitive market mapping, and intense discussions with employees and all stakeholders. The new brand symbolises our philosophy of ‘One Step Ahead’, represented graphically by a new ‘steps’ logo. The confidently rising-up steps, imply the pioneering role the brand will play in empowering customers to stay ‘One Step Ahead’.

“The new logo is just one part of our brand identity. We firmly believe that the brand is not only everything that our customers can see touch and feel, but also those things that are intangible such as our service at branches, online buying experience and crucially the claims process. Therefore our rollout has involved a training programme for every one of our branch and service colleagues, new processes and the launch a new insurance proposition that demonstrates our commitment to delivering innovative offers to our customers.”

While the company’s retail products and services will be offered under the Al Ahlia brand, commercial lines remain under the RSA Insurance brand, bringing the 300-year legacy and success of the global RSA Group to the fore.

The company is planning to introduce the new identity for Al Ahlia in a phased approach through 2018 and is confident that it will reposition industry expectations.

“It gives us the pride to be at the forefront of the sector. The fresh identity marks a new beginning and a new era of growth not just for us, but Oman’s insurance industry as a whole. We are confident that our new brand identity will serve as a guide in instilling the values we stand for in each of our stakeholder relationships,” Lloyd added.

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