Musandam, Oman's gateway to open seas

Oman Sunday 29/January/2023 17:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Musandam, Oman's gateway to open seas

Muscat: The Governorate of Musandam, with its four wilayats: "Khasab, Bukha, Madha and Dibba", is a tourist area par excellence, due to its wonderful and rare geographical diversity.

Musandam Governorate is located in the far north of the Sultanate of Oman and overlooks the Strait of Hormuz, serving as the gateway that links the Gulf to the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean.

The Governorate of Musandam is of great strategic importance as it overlooks the Strait of Hormuz, which is the most important international waterway for oil exports and trade, whether at regional or international levels, as about 90% of the Gulf countries’ oil exports pass through it to the outside world. It is the eastern gate for the movement of trade and navigation to and from the countries bordering the Gulf.

Tourism in Musandam has many stations, including Telegraph Island, Khalidiya, Kumzar, Khor Najd, and Madha Oasis, stations that possess distinct elements, in terms of climate, nature, and geographical terrain, in addition to hosting places for hiking and entertainment.

Here are some of the most beautiful tourist stations in the Governorate of Musandam:

Madha Oases

If you are looking to get away from the bustling city life and spend a pleasant time among the palm oases, all you have to do is go to the state of Madha for a stroll among its green oases, as it is famous for its tall palm trees and a clear atmosphere that encourages relaxation and rest, in addition to watching the Davidic falajs that were carved through the mountains. Enjoy the experience of barbeque in the company of friends and family. You can also try camping under the moonlight and enjoy a unique experience in Madha.

Amasi Al-Khalidiyah

If you are a fan of camping under the moonlight and amongst picturesque nature, we invite you to visit the Khalidiya area, which embraces a rug of perennial brown trees and is surrounded by tall mountains. You can also enjoy eating delicious, popular and fast food in addition to hot and cold drinks by mobile food carts between the parts.

Al Hall Beach

We invite you to sleep on Hall Beach in the Wilayat of Bukha to enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset that may be imprinted in your imagination forever. You will be dazzled by the beauty of the beaches that and the colour of the sea mixed with sunlight, which is a unique opportunity to practice meditation in the beauty of nature.

Telegraph Island

With its location in the middle of tall mountains and the blue waters of the Gulf in Musandam, this small and isolated island, known as the "Telegraph Island" or the "Maqlab Island" as it was called in the past, stands out. The island is located in one of the most famous lagoons, Khor Sham, in the state of Khasab.

"Telegraph Island" gained its name in relation to the passage of the first telegraph line in the Middle East linking Mumbai in India and Basra in Iraq.

Historically, the submarine telegraph cable from Gwadar reached the Isthmus of Maklab on February 9, 1864.

The island is famous for the best diving sites in the province, and kayaking can also be practiced.

Khor Najd

It is one of the most beautiful destinations that attract the lenses of photography enthusiasts in Musandam, and this charming destination can be reached through two ways, either by sea on board traditional ships from the state of Khasab passing through the Strait of Hormuz, or by land by four-wheel drive cars on an exciting mountain road for a period of time.

Through this steep winding mountain road, which heads from the state of Khasab to the southeast for about 30 kilometers before descending to the creek, the visitor overlooks a panoramic view from a height of 420 meters in which the sea and the mountain mix with a "majestic view".


Musandam is beautiful with seas that are mixed with the majestic mountains, natural bays and islands that make it a haven from the sea.

You can enjoy a wonderful experience with tour companies and traditional sailing ships to see the dolphins that dance with the waves, welcoming visitors. You can also enjoy a stay for a night or several nights in the bays that are filled with stillness and tranquility, away from the noise of the city. Don't forget to try traditional fishing and enjoy the bounties of the sea during it.

Dolphin Watching

Khor Sham is characterized by the presence of large numbers of dolphins, and tourists can see them at different times, by touring in traditional boats.

Diving Trips and Marine Biology

A unique experience for tourists, to discover what lies in the depths of the sea, where it is possible to dive deep to see various marine creatures that draw attention to their beauty and diversity of colors, where you can live an adventurous experience, and discover new creatures that have not been discovered before, this experience is one-of-a-kind and suitable for every adventurer looking for something new. You can get help from a certified diving instructor who will tell you all the secrets while you are in the depths.

Al–Si Morning

Al-Si area is characterized by a dreamy view above the heights of the Musandam mountains, which makes it a unique destination for every visitor to enjoy the fresh and cool air due to the moderate temperatures throughout the year. Rather, it is watered with rain water. El-Si is also famous for cultivating "refreshing" futon tea.


For those who love adventures and visiting mountainous areas, we invite you to visit the Roubaie area, which is located in the high mountains of Musandam, which can be visited through four-wheel drive vehicles, where you can meet one of the residents of the governorate to convey to you an exceptional experience about the stories and experiences of ancestors, and how they previously lived in the region, as well as the experience of Musandam hospitality .

Kumzar Village

It is a village permeated between the arms of the rugged mountain terrain, as if it made itself the faithful guardian of the Strait of Hormuz. Do not miss the trip to visit the beautiful village of Kumzar, wandering through its alleys that bring back memories of the ancestors, and passing through the oldest well in the region, which witnessed travelers and visitors who passed through the gate of the Strait of Hormuz. What distinguishes the residents of the region is their generosity and welcome to visitors, in addition to the unique Kumzari language, which is a mixture of several international languages, Arabic, Persian, English and Portuguese.

Straits View

To take the best memorial photos, the Barzakh region has a wonderful view of the Sea of Oman on one side and the Arabian Gulf on the other. You can also take part in sports by climbing 800 degrees.

The Mountain Staircase

With its location in the middle of the towering mountains, the "Mountain Staircase" highlights the link between the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, where the stones of the mountain itself were used to construct the stairs so that visitors can enjoy exercising and get the most beautiful views to take photos.


You can go on adventures in the majestic mountains of Musandam, with its magnificent colors and distinctive rocks, through wild trips in four-wheel-drive safari vehicles, where several paths have been drawn and in more than one location led by the people of the governorate, passing through the Al-Si area and Jebel Harim, all the way to Lima on the eastern coast.


Paragliding will be an exceptional experience this season in the states of Khasab and Dibba, where the sport of paragliding attracts interest and passion from different groups and is an unmissable opportunity to see the beauty of the tall mountains and seas mixed with the extended beaches from a different and high perspective.

Zip-Line Adventure

The zip-line track in the state of Khasab is an ideal choice for lovers of mountain adventures and activities. It is the longest zip line in the region according to the Guinness Book of Records, as it rises above the surface of the earth at a speed of up to 150 kilometers per hour, passes over the Arabian Gulf, and then lands on a transparent suspended platform. It's all up in the air, so catch your breath and live the adventure.

Mountain Trails (Hike)

The hobby of hiking in Musandam is admired by many tourists and the people of the region. Trails were drawn in each of the governorate's states to enjoy a unique tourist and sports experience at the same time, and to pass by historical monuments and stunning views.

Castles and Forts

Castles and forts stand tall in Musandam to bear witness to its deep and distinguished history. You can visit Khasab Castle, Dibba Castle, Bukha Castle, and Madha (Al-Ghouna Castle, Hajar Bani Hamid Castle) to enjoy a tour enriched with information about the discovered antiquities and how to live in the past.

Lock House

“The lock houses” are among the ancient ruins in Musandam, distinguished by their unique design in construction and durability. They were also previously considered a safe and appropriate haven in light of difficult living conditions, so this style is an architectural heritage that attracts visiting tourists to the governorate.


In the Lima district lies the magic of beauty, where the tall mountains overlook the sea. In the heart of Lima sits the throne of Al-Qunayef. It made itself a reminder of an urban marvel built by the ancestors with intelligence and extreme precision to meet the requirements of living among the mountains and running valleys. If you are looking for the urban history of Musandam, all you have to do is make it your destination to see this engineering marvel. Houses are built on rocky and stone terraces that end with you at Al-Aqsa to enjoy a scene of lush nature.

Al Hajir

The ruins of the houses in Al Hajir record that the Wilayat of Dibba embraced from the relics of history in urban engineering a painting that embodies houses built of mud and wells from which the ancestors drew their water. The simple scene immortalized solid memories.