Fans shake, rattle and roll at Australia's Elvis festival
January 13, 2018 | 8:26 PM
by Reuters
An Elvis Presley impersonator sings to fans and commuters before boarding the Elvis Express train at Sydney's Central station before it departs for the 26th annual Elvis Festival being held in the New South Wales town of Parkes in Australia, on January 11, 2018. -Photo by Reuters

Hundreds of hip-shaking and wig-wearing Elvis Presley lookalikes and fans of the late King of Rock and Roll took trains from Sydney bound for Australia's annual Elvis festival on Thursday. Strains of "I Was The One" rang out along the platforms of Sydney's Central railway terminal as jumpsuited, coiffed and guitar-wielding passengers boarded the "Elvis Express" and "Blue Suede Express" bound for the country town of Parkes, some 357 km (222 miles) westward.

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