Muscat Nights 2023: Do you know where to park your vehicles?

Oman Friday 20/January/2023 15:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Nights 2023: Do you know where to park your vehicles?

Muscat : The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged the visitors of Muscat Nights to abide by traffic instructions in Qurum Public Park and Al Naseem Public Park. 

"Instructions to be followed during the Muscat Nights activities from January 19 to February 4 : 

For visitors heading to Qurum Public Park: 

1- It is advised to enter from Gate No. 3 adjacent to the Children's Museum due to the availability of more parking spaces and accessibility. 

 2- Reducing the use of Gate No. 1

3- It is prohibited to stand on the sides of the road leading to Entrance No.1.

4- Stading in front of the homes of residents in the area facing the main entrance to the Qurum Natural Park in prohibited.

5- Vehicles violating traffic regulations in the aforementioned area will be seized," ROP said in a statement. 

For visitors heading to Al Naseem Public Park :

1- For those coming via the highway, entry should be from the service road after Barka Bridge towards the sea road. 

2- For those coming from the Wilayat of Barka, use Al-Naseem Bridge and enter the service road from Barka Bridge towards the sea road. 

3- For those coming via Sultan Qaboos Street after the Palace Roundabout, enter the right lane via the service road.  

4- Choose the most appropriate gate through the three gates of the park. 

5- It is prohibited to stand on both sides of the lane adjacent to Al Naseem Park. "

People are urged to cooperate with the police in the event that some entrances or roundabouts are blocked for the public interest.

The Muscat Nights 2023 activities kicked off on Thursday, January 19, 2023. They are distributed over four main sites, which are the Qurum Natural Park, Al Naseem Public Park, the Oman Automobile Association, and the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center. Muscat Nights will continue until February 4.