Saudi-led coalition jet crashes in Yemen
January 7, 2018 | 8:50 PM
by Reuters
Smoke raise as people inspect damage at the site of an air strikes in the city of Saada, Yemen January 6, 2018. Photo - Reuters (Picture used for illustrative purpose)

Dubai: A warplane from Saudi Arabia's air forces fighting the Houthi movement in Yemen crashed on Sunday due to a technical fault while conducting military operations, a statement carried by the Saudi state news agency SPA said.

The Houthi armed movement's TV channel Al Massirah earlier said Houthi forces had shot down the fighter in Saada province, adding it was a Britain-made Tornado.

The Saudi statement said the plane had crashed in the war zone.

It said the Saudi-led coalition conducted a special operation to evacuate the two pilots who survived the crash.

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