GUtech professor receives TRC the National Research Award (NRA)

Hockey Sunday 07/January/2018 19:18 PM
By: Times News Service
GUtech professor receives TRC the National Research Award (NRA)

HALBAN Prof Dr Aydin Azizi, Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at GUtech has received the National Research Award from The Research Council (TRC) for his published research in the field of Mechatronics as the best research work in Energy and Industry sector for the year 2017.
In his research conducted in the past three years and recently published in an international, Q1 ranked, peer-reviewed engineering journal, Prof. Aydin has introduced a novel Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to analyse and calculate the optimised number and the position of RFID antennas needed to be deployed in the network in order to track and identify materials, products, and even live subjects.
“Artificial intelligence includes the design of intelligent agents to solve real-world every-day problems, and nowadays it is in high demand in most companies. My research can be applied in the different sectors such as telecommunication, transportation, energy, industry and even health care, e.g. through network of tracking identification cards, pattern recognition of rescue robots and more,” he said.
His results show the proposed new algorithm, a so-called “Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Algorithm” is a high performance and accurate technique to solve the complex problems. According to Prof. Aydin the application of Artificial Intelligence are currently researched in Oman whereas in Europe they are already applied in many fields, e.g. in automation industry.
Prof. Aydin Azizi has been working at GUtech in the past three years. He is the research focal point of the Research Council of Oman (TRC). His main research interest is Mechatronics, focusing on developing and investigating different Artificial Intelligent Techniques to model, control and optimise the complex nonlinear systems for industrial applications, e.g. in telecommunications. Prof. Aydin holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering of the Urmia University in Iran, an MSc in Mechatronics of Sharif University of Technology in Iran and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering of the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus.[email protected]