Tackle disorganised areas of your home
May 7, 2019 | 9:28 AM
by Courtesy of Statepoint

While we all know that minimalism is “in” right now, thanks to Japanese cleaning guru Marie Kondo and her “Tidying Up” show on Netflix, decluttering your whole house can feel daunting.

Instead, start small with these tips for tackling the areas that tend to collect the most dirt and clutter.

Purge your refrigerator weekly

The day prior to garbage collection, clean out your fridge of all leftovers and expired foods, and wipe down the shelves to prevent stickiness and mold from leaking containers. Pro Tip: Line refrigerator trays and drawers with a protective, dishwasher safe layer to make it easy to wipe spills clean.

Add order to kitchen cupboards

When organising cabinets, place everyday items such as cups and dishes in easily accessible cupboards, and store things that you use less frequently, like fine china, on the harder-to-reach shelves. When it comes to the pile of cookie sheets and cupcake pans shoved in that hard-to-reach cabinet, use a basic file organiser to create a neatly organised bakeware zone.

Categorise your pantry

Store your food by category, such as breakfast or baking, with the items that are most-used placed front and center. If you have kids, set up a snack zone, so they don’t rifle through other shelves. Pro Tip: Ensure small items don’t fall through the spaces in wire racks by laying down a base on the shelves.

Organise the junk drawer

Most people say that they have at least one junk drawer in their home, but the average household actually has three of these catch-all drawers. To wrangle this chaotic space, install bins or trays to keep similar contents together and make it easy to see what’s actually in there. For larger pieces, shelf liners with a grip surface and grip bottom provide cushioning, hold items in place and protect the drawer bottom. Plus, they’re removeable for easy cleaning.

Declutter your linen closet

To make the linen closet as functional as possible, utilise adjustable dividers to sort textiles and fold sheets into pillow cases to ensure bedding sets stay together. Additionally, ensure your linens are protected from potential damage by installing shelf liners. Melamine or veneer shelves can cause fabric to yellow, and textiles that are laid directly onto wire shelves inevitably form crease lines, but a layer of multi-purpose liner can preserve linens and even add a pop of color or style to your closet.

Whether you tackle it as part of a purging effort or to simplify your life, the best way to handle decluttering is in stages.

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