Fire cases rise 13 per cent in 2016 compared to year before
January 2, 2018 | 10:58 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: There was a 13 per cent increase in fires across the Sultanate in 2016, compared to 2015, according to government data.

The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) reported that 4,157 fires were recorded in Oman during 2016.

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“1,100 fires broke out in residential houses, from a total of 4,157 fires around the Sultanate in 2016,” the NCSI announced.

Further, the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) said, “354 farm fires were recorded due to the wrong disposal of agricultural waste in 2016, and the situation still continues.” This means almost one farm fire occurred every day in Oman in 2016.

Here are some tips from the PACDA, to prevent fires: Smoke alarms, first aid kits, fire blankets and extinguishers are a necessity, not an option.

Never leave children alone or unattended near water or fire.

Use only safe electrical products. Immediately replace damaged, hazardous equipment with worn, frayed or old wires.

Equipment that emanates substantial heat should be at least several feet away from combustible surfaces and objects.

If you cannot evacuate, remain calm and put as much distance as possible between yourself and a fire.

Seal all cracks with wet materials (towels, jackets) to prevent smoke from seeping into a room. Wait at the window, shout for help, and signal your location by waving the most visible object.

Open the window for air, but try not to break it, since you may need to close it if smoke begins to seep in.

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