Bookbites: Epic stories, iconic events and personalities

T-Mag Wednesday 04/January/2023 18:46 PM
By: NewsUSA
Bookbites: Epic stories, iconic events and personalities

Battlefield Earth, Expanded 21st Century Edition
by L. Ron Hubbard      

It’s the year 3,000, a thousand years after an alien invasion nearly exterminated the human race and left the cities in crumbling ruins -- a post-apocalyptic graveyard. The vicious aliens hunt the remaining survivors for sport. A young hero rises from the ashes and rallies the scattered tribes in an all-out rebellion for freedom that erupts across the continents of Earth and the cosmic sprawl of the Psychlo Empire.   You will love this classic sci-fi novel because of the characters.  

The Angkor Abduction
by Austin I Pulle  

When traffickers kidnap a beautiful Eurasian teenager when she is on a school trip to the famous Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia, Alex reluctantly agrees to join in the search but then finds himself fighting a ruthless former Khmer Rouge warlord to rescue the beautiful Imogen and reunite her with her mother.  

Alex had pressed the reset button on his life and relocated to manage the Singapore office of a Texas billionaire. He had hoped for a quiet, successful run, but fate has other plans. Now in a race against time to save the girl from being auctioned off to a select group of billionaire crime bosses, he realises the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  

Did We Learn Anything from WTC Towers Collapse?
by  Gregory Szuladzinski  

The best known and the most extensive engineering investigation into the collapse of World Trade Tower 1 is presented in  National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reports. But the author argues that the work failed to demonstrate the mechanism of failure. Now, some 21 years after the disaster, the damage done by premature destruction of evidence cannot be undone. However, the analytical part can be corrected and completed.  

This book presents at least three types of material: the discussion of the report as presented by NIST volumes; the background material and information to better grasp what is missing or poorly explained results in the NIST and the analysis of expected results of a similar attack against the new 1-WTC building.

Evil’s Promise
by Daniel O. Noorlander Jr.  

This is the second in a three-part series on what Rush Limbaugh taught for one-third of a century sitting behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Rush was unwavering in his defense of America against the left and their effort to destroy America as founded. This book focuses on what leftists oppose and why. It constitutes a warning from Rush to shun the left and reject their attempt to regulate every aspect of your life.