Ex-NATO general, analysts predict Ukraine ceasefire In 2023

World Monday 02/January/2023 14:38 PM
Ex-NATO general, analysts predict Ukraine ceasefire In 2023

Berlin: A ceasefire in the Russian-Ukrainian war can be expected during 2023 and even as early as mid-year, according to a former German army and NATO general.

"I expect in summer, when both sides will say, this is going nowhere," Hans-Lothar Domröse told Germany's Funke media group. The most likely time for such a stalemate to arise would be between February and May, he said.

"That would be the moment for ceasefire negotiations," said Domröse, who held senior positions in the international forces in Afghanistan and later in NATO command structures in Europe.

But he stressed that this does not mean peace. "Ceasefire means the shooting stops. Negotiations are likely to take a long time, you need a mediator," he said, naming UN Secretary General António Guterres, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan or Indian President Narendra Modi as possible candidates to lead the process.