Oman dining: How to set a buffet table for a party
January 1, 2018 | 7:18 PM
by Oneza Tabish
Accessorise the buffet table with candles and flowers but at the same time make enough room for the food spread.

Setting up a buffet table involves sharp planning and crisp execution. A buffet is ideal for a large crowd of guests, providing them with options to select from a variety of cuisines presented.

To begin with, plan your buffet table well in advance to avoid last minute decisions and preparations. Budget consideration is of paramount importance. How much are you willing to shell out on food, the silverware, the plates and drinks should be decided much in advance.

The night before the party, gather all the plates, glasses, platters, and cutlery and make a mental map of what would be used to serve what. “Post it” notes on the crockery are a great way to help you remember.

To set up a buffet table, first and foremost, the table should be placed in the centre of a well lit room. This enables the guests to access food from both sides and helps the line to move faster avoiding congestion at the table.

You could have a starting point and an end point to the buffet table. This can be done with the help of signs or letting people know once they arrive at the table. For example; desserts could be kept far away from the main course while bread, salads, and soups could be at the starting point of the buffet spread.

Colour coordination is always eye catching on a buffet table. You could decide on a colour theme that would make the table look appealing such as matching spoons, matching glasses, matching table runner, etc. Accessorise the buffet table with candles and flowers but at the same time make enough room for the food spread.

A table cloth is a mandatory item while setting up a buffet table. You could avoid expensive linen for the same as they may get soiled due to spills, but at the same time it should match the theme of your buffet.

Dining plates should be kept at the starting line of the buffet and spoons and napkins at the end. A common error people make is placing the cutlery with the plates. This makes it cumbersome for the guests to balance it all while dishing out his or her food.

There should be a separate drinks table as you need people to swing by and refill their glasses without trespassing the buffet line. A good idea is to keep this station near the kitchen as water jugs or coffee pots are heavier than food trays and are spilt easily.

Labels help the guests in the introduction of food. Kindly prepare labels with neat and bold writing that is easy to read and place them near the food items.

Tiny spoons or tooth picks could be placed near the food, in case guests want to try it out before putting it in their plates. This would be a good idea to curb food wastage.

Place seasonings near the food for your guests if they prefer more salt or chilli.

Keep sharp objects out of the reach of children and have an adult from your family serve them as this helps in keeping the mess away.

These tips would not only provide the host or hostess convenience but would also assure the guests of an enjoyable time.

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