OmanPride: Two Omani students awarded by Malta University
January 1, 2018 | 6:33 PM
by Times News Service
Juhaina Al Hatmi and Hayat Al Farsi were both motivated and encouraged by the award.

The Ministry of Higher Education has congratulated two students, Juhaina Al Hatmi and Hayat Al Farsi, for receiving the ‘Top of the Class’ award from the University of Malta for academic excellence and achievement during their foundation year 2016-2017.

“I felt very happy and proud of myself for achieving something as memorable as this,” said Juhaina, who added the award had motivated her to do better and work harder.

Hayat too was motivated and encouraged by the award. “The excitement I felt, and the feeling of having all my hard work acknowledged really did motivate me to work even harder, not just for awards, but for the feeling of trying your best and doing well because of it,” Hayat told Times of Oman.

Both girls had not expected to receive this award, because there were students who were smarter and had more knowledge on the subjects they were studying. “I did not expect it, because there were several other students who had more knowledge on the subjects than I did, so it was a shock,” remarked Juhaina.

“I knew that a lot of students in my year were very smart and worked very hard, so I was very surprised when they called out my name,” Hayat added.

They received the award for their foundation year and are now in their academic year. Both are studying two different majors.

Juhaina is currently studying archaeology and international relations, but she is hoping to major in international relations. Hayat is in her first year of medical school at the University of Malta.

Both girls were proud to receive the award, as they are two Omani girls representing Oman in a foreign country. “I felt very proud; it made me feel like a good ambassador for my country, which showed people the potential of Omanis and what we can offer to the world,” noted Hayat.

“I was very proud that we could present a positive image of our country here. I hope this motivates the foundation students of this year to also excel in their studies” reiterated Juhaina.

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