Best Ramadan car offers in Oman

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Best Ramadan car offers in Oman

Ramadan is the auspicious month of sharing happiness and blessings. It is also the season to go on a buying spree, with exciting offers on almost everything around. For those who are planning to buy a car Ramadan is the best time to do so as all the major dealers launch enticing offers during this month. As the Holy Month nears its culmination, here’s a panoramic view of the hottest deals on automobiles. Most of the offers run till the end of July giving you ample time to decide on your future ride.

The 2nd largest automaker from the USA creates the most exciting prospects in the automotive market. From the flagship Mustang to the powerful Explorer, it’s brilliant. The new eco-boost technology makes the vehicle efficient too. Anyone looking for a blend of performance, safety and muscle, needs a Ford.
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Ramadan Offers
• Cash gift up to OMR2,500
• Free Service 5 years/ 100,000kms
• Free Gift
• Free Insurance

Model to Watch For
Mustang- Introductions aren’t necessary for the iconic pony known as the benchmark of muscle cars in the world. With powerful choices of engines and strong body design, the American muscle is a driver’s delight. Heartthrob of petrolheads, the Mustang for 2016 comes in a new 2.3ltr turbo avatar, christened as the Mustang EcoBoost. The 5.0ltr, 421bhp Mustang GT is still there to scintillate your senses, as is the all powerful Shelby GT 350R – the epitome American muscle performance.

There is hardly a brand that sticks to its word as Mercedes does. ‘The best or nothing’, isn’t just a formidable slogan, it shouts out the mentality they enter the market with. It has got powerful engines, magnificent design and comes with a chest of unparalleled technology and luxury features. The Mercedes grandeur is a comprehensive package.
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Ramadan Offers
Mercedes offers a host of Ramadan deals including
• 3 years / 45,000km service package
• 3 years unlimited mileage warranty
• 3 years Mobilo on road assistance
• Free registration
• V-KOOL heat control film
• Free gift from Montblanc

Models to Watch For
GLS - Mercedes touts it as the S Class of SUVs, and so it might be with all the luxury and power on tap. Even if not the best of off-roader, the GLS is definitely a capable lugger, making the task of munching miles utterly easy. Three rows of almost sofa-like seats plushly accommodate seven, and the interior is drenched in premium leather and wood. Loaded with all the modern techno aids and drive assists, the GLS also has some unique goodies like the air ionization system.
The GLS comes in two engine configurations; the 362bhp twin-turbo V6, and 449bhp twin-turbo V8. The all-wheel drive is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

In the recent years, Audi has built a reputation of creating one of the most beautiful vehicles in the market. The German automotive giant has revamped the whole body work design such that it has established itself as one of the best luxury car brand in the world.
Authorised Dealer - Wattayah Motors
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Ramadan Offers
• Cash gift benefits
• Complimentary five-year service package
• Complimentary three-year warranty package with unlimited mileage
• Complimentary registration
• Complimentary insurance

Models to watch for
A8 - The best of sedans from the Audi stable. Talk of the Audi top and obviously the opulence will be at its peak. However, all that leather drenched luxury and techno-plushness apart, it is the performance that really makes the A8 so special. The feel of the Quattro is just tangible, the pedal reacts to your feet with zero lag and the steering obeys your hands with no error.
A number of engine options are available from the 3.0ltr V6 and 4.0ltr V8 (A8 L) versions that are potent enough to create ripples on the tarmac to the booted devil the sporty S8 Plus with a sonorous 4 ltr V8 producing a menacing 605hp and a scary 700Nm torque- stirring the querulous soul from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

Where being a Chinese car may raise questions on its experience in making vehicles, Geely has shred the concerns with its new set of vehicles. They are powerful with a sporty design and luxurious interior rivalling what Geely says “its German competitors”. An overstatement, definitely. However, the Geely cars are absolute value for money.
Authorised Dealer - Towell Auto Centre
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Ramadan Offers
• Cash gifts up to OMR2,500

Model to watch for
Emgrand GT - A look at its rear and one may mistake it for a European brand. The coupe-like look with the sloping back strongly hints the Volvo influence, the premium brand which Geely owns now. A comfortable ride and decent handling, thanks to its agile suspension system along with strong acceleration and braking make Emgrand GT a fun vehicle to drive.
The PVC and leather draped interiors of the thoroughly modern-looking sporty saloon are actually quite ahead of the Koreans and even Japanese, and the electronic goodies it comes equipped with can actually put many luxury cars to shame. The ‘China car of the year’, offers plenty of power too with 2.4ltr and 3.5ltr options.

They invented the term SUV because they can’t call it Jeep; nothing could possibly define Jeep better than this. The birth child of Ford and Willys, and hero of WWII, the Jeep moved on from being a vehicle, to become a brand on its own, and today stands for building the toughest and one of the most rugged SUVs out there: The Wrangler.
Authorised Dealer - Dhofar Automotive
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Ramadan Offers
• Only OMR 99 down payment
• 90,000km free service
• 100,000/ 5 years warranty
• After 24 months, option to upgrade or payback

Model to Watch For
Wrangler - It’s rough and it’s harsh, and that’s what it is immensely loved for. It definitely doesn’t pay any dividends driving one on the smooth city roads; it is the wild that the Wrangler loves to call home, and as should the Wrangler driving it. The Wrangler ropes in all the best stuff together for the most serious off-roading — four-wheel drive, ample ground clearance, and an agile suspension. A powerful 285bhp 3.6-litre V-6 mated to a six-speed manual or a five-speed automatic transmission, delivers all the power needed to conquer those terrains or wade through those swampy, muddy. For the ultimate Wrangler experience, go for the Rubicon — tough as the trail that inspires its name. Gravel, mud, sand, or tarmac; it sees no difference, makes no distinction.

Once the highest selling brand in the United States of America with a huge model portfolio, Chevrolet produces some of the most exhilarating vehicles to come out from the continent. It has got the hot American design and it’s got efficiency with several vehicles made by Daewoo Motors (now GM Korea).
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Ramadan Offers
• Cash gift up to OMR2,000
• Extended warranty coverage of six years
• Unlimited mileage
• Service up to three years or 30,000km

Model to Watch For
Camaro - Aggression and muscle blended with beauty, the Camaro ranks one of the best in its segment. With power packed under the hood and precise handling, it corners with an extraordinary audacity and traction. Available as a coupe or convertible, the base starts at the 275bhp 2.0ltr turbo four to a raging top of the range 455bhp 6.2ltr V8. Only the interior is a bit too tight, and the visibility is way too limited. It literally feels as if you are hiding in the driver’s seat, and not driving. Short stature has never been as much risky a matter as when being behind the wheel of the Camaro.

If you want a set of four wheels to commute with complete peace of mind for years to come – Toyota is just the brand for you. Toyotas are world famous for their utmost reliability and very economical maintenance. If efficiency was a brand, it would be Toyota.
Authorised Dealer - Saud Bahwan Group
Contact - +968 2457 9000

Ramadan Offers
• Up to OMR1,100 cash gift
• 2 years insurance
• 3 years/ 30,000km service
• Gift voucher

Model to Watch For
Land Cruiser - The world favourite for serious off-roading, Land Cruiser, ever since its conception has been the most ultimate choice for the wildest and most unforgiving expeditions.
Majorly revamped for 2016, the Land Cruiser comes with a new eight-speed automatic transmission for better acceleration, and loaded drive assists for enhanced safety like the front collision avoidance system with pedestrian detection, and the blind spot and rear cross-traffic warning system. Under the hood, it packs a giant 5.7-litre 381-hp V-8 engine.

Another reliable brand in the automotive industry from Japan, Honda is a notch higher than its counterparts in performance, and a notch less on maintenance; it produces one of the most economic vehicles.
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Ramadan Offers
• Free registrations
• Free insurance
• Cash back offers
• High-end Panasonic TVs scratch-and-win vouchers

Model to Watch For
Accord - The flagship of Honda vehicle, Accord has been one of the most revered vehicles since its inception for comfort, style and space. Setting it apart is its super sturdy chassis, one of the best out there; on par with cars carrying much higher price tags than it. The result is a highly stable, obedient car that turns into corners excellently, with light and progressive steering, and strong braking. Available as 4-door and coupe, the 2016 Accord is powered by 2.4ltr 4 cylinder, 185bhp engine. Optional 3.5ltr V6 is also available churning out 274bhp.

Land Rover
Trademark of British engineering, Land Rover is surely one of the best in the world of SUVs. Handling, comfort, luxury and performance, it is the Land Rover of SUVs.
Authorised Dealer - Mohsin Haider Darwish
Contact - +968 2452 3200

Ramadan Offers
• Free service for 5 years/ 65,000 KM
• Free comprehensive insurance (Oman/UAE) for 1 year
• Free registration
• Free Diamondbrite car paint protection
• Up to 5 years/ 150,000km warranty
• Up to 5 years roadside assistance
• Trade in facility/ finance packages available

Model to Watch For
Range Rover Sport SVR – The king of SUVs – top of the range off-road capabilities amalgamated with premium sedan like luxury, and sports car like performance; the SVR is the beauty of a beast hiding a monster 5.0ltr supercharged V8 engine, unleashing the power of 550 horses, combined with a humongous 680Nm torque, enough to bring down any peak, or rip off the tarmac, all that cocooned in plush luxury accentuated by handcrafted trims and upholstery.

From movies to F1 races, BMW is every boy’s dream. Even with its German rivals on doorsteps threatening market share, BMW has a dignity that commands respect.
Authorised Dealer - Al Jenaibi International Automobiles
Contact - +968 2456 9108

Ramadan Offers
• BMW warranty for 5 years/200,000km (whichever comes first)
• BMW Service Inclusive Plus for 5 years/100,000km (whichever comes first)
• Free 1st year insurance
• Free 1st year registration
• Complimentary iPhone 6s (64GB)

Model to Watch For
7-series - Its performance and luxury is exactly what BMW is all about. Labelled as the most technologically sophisticated sedan ever, the new 7-series takes fight to its rivals. Apart from its immaculate exterior aesthetics, BMW provides a wide range of engines for its 7-series models. From the economic turbo charged four cylinder that still manages a 0-100kph in just 6.2 seconds to power packed twin turbo V8 that rockets to the 100kph mark in under 4 seconds. However what sets the new 7-series apart is its drive assist and infotainment features like the segment leading future-oriented technologies like Gesture Control, Laserlight, or Remote Control Parking.
The BMW Touch Command is a tablet for controlling key functions, right on the tab screen: No need for physical reach outs, every control is in your palm – just a touch away.
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