Omani products prove a big draw for visitors at Muscat Festival

Business Wednesday 20/January/2016 22:19 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani products prove a big draw for visitors at Muscat Festival

Muscat: Visitors to the Muscat Festival, who are interested in buying Omani products, can now find local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a more organised way at the Amerat Park.
Around 96 SMEs have showcased a wide range of products on display, including garments, accessories, perfume and frankincense, electronics, dates, spices, foodstuff and handicrafts. Some companies are also offering their technical and professional services.
According to the information provided by the Public Authority for SME Development (Riyada) to the Times of Oman, this is the first time that such a section has been allocated to SMEs.
Omani products were being showcased and promoted during previous editions of the festival as well, but this time they have been accommodated in buildings rather than tents.
Promoting SMEs
Riyada had been invited by the Muscat Municipality to take part in the festival like in the previous years as SMEs are registered with the authority.
Given the fact that Riyada was a member of the organising committee, it was decided that this time it would take part only in Amerat Park for various reasons that would benefit the SMEs.
Riyada believes that the initiative and the festival, supported by the Muscat Municipality, is a very good move which would help promote and support local companies.
According to the authority, the exhibition not only provides an opportunity for SMEs to introduce, promote and sell their products and services to visitors, but also helps local companies get to know each other and explore ways for collaboration.
Selling products
The exhibitors have received a very positive response for their products from the visitors coming to Amerat Park and are pleased with the initiative, especially because they are allowed to sell their products and generate income.
Generating revenue is obviously important for all SMEs as it helps them continue their activities in the market and grow their business further, according to Riyada.
Ahmed Al Mashani, a visitor to the SME section, hailed the initiative, saying that since the Muscat Festival is an Omani festival, great emphasis should be placed on promoting local products.
“It supports the national economy and at the same time gives visitors, especially foreign tourists, a chance to buy locally produced items as souvenirs,” he added.