OmanPride: Volunteer team share their experiences with little cancer survivors
December 30, 2017 | 7:32 PM
by Salem Afifi
The project aims to support children and try to get them out of the sickly atmosphere and transfer them to more joyful and happy surroundings.

“Human nature always calls on one to do good, because goodness is in our nature,” said Hussain Ali Al Siyabi, who is the general supervisor for ‘Be a Volunteer’, a team dedicated to giving back to the society.

Be a Volunteer is a social and cultural youth team, born out of the spirit of love for volunteering work, which aims to achieve societal and humanistic goals. The team is made up of four main committees: Committee of Projects, Information and Media, Finance and Members Affairs.

Hussain and his team aim to deliver four main goals to the people. Firstly, they focus on creating social links between members of the society, regardless of class, background, or religion; they work on creating sustainable social projects that serve Oman, as well as the individual himself: they involve all segments of the Omani society in volunteering field, as it is an important humanitarian effort that is made individually or collectively, and is based on self-motivation; lastly, the team works on involving expatriates and residents of Oman to partake in voluntary work and contribute to the success of the team and its activities.

Some of the activities that the team works on include sponsoring needy families, especially during Ramadan, when they initiated a campaign to sponsor 100 orphans. Soon after its launch, the event became a success with more than 1,700 visitors to their site. Other activities carried out by the team are building and opening of schools and workshops that aim to help those in need of knowledge, advice and encouragement to face everyday struggles.

The team also launched another important initiative, in collaboration with the Cancer Oncology Centre at the Royal Hospital, which focused on children who suffer from cancer, called ‘Shujaan As Sarataan’, which translates to “brave cancer fighters.”

The project aims to support children and try to get them out of the sickly atmosphere and transfer them to more joyful and happy surroundings, instilling hope in them through a variety of educational and recreational activities and programmes.

“It is a voluntary project meant for children with this condition, where the team educates and develops their writing skills, as well as offers psychological care to raise their morale by celebrating their birthdays and special events,” mentioned Hussain.

The team hopes to develop the campaign further, as it is the people’s duty to make life easier for those suffering from cancer, especially when it comes to children.

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