Asyad Group launches Data Lake to promote data-driven competitiveness

Business Tuesday 27/December/2022 18:33 PM
Asyad Group launches Data Lake to promote data-driven competitiveness

Muscat: Asyad Group launched Data Lake as its latest digital ecosystem project that falls within its strategy to equip Asyad with empirical insights on current and future operational, markets and customer trends.

On this project, Asyad Group partnered with Rihal, an Omani data and migration services company, to develop its big-data management and analytics capabilities, support cloud-based applications and utilise Oman’s new in-country cloud infrastructure, accelerating the deployment of cutting-edge technologies.

Big data analytics and forward-looking business intelligence are the key enablers of Asyad’s group technological strategy aimed at achieving growth and global competitiveness. The solutions — developed in partnership with Rihal — will serve the present and forecast the future. The proactive features will deliver an ideal customer experience, provide competitive services to acquire global customers and predict future market trends to support Asyad’s strategy and growth.

The analytics of the amassed data from across the group’s operations and assets will serve as a critical tool to optimise operational efficiencies, this includes, for example, preventive maintenance that minimises breakdowns and downtime of ships and maritime assets and reduces fuel consumption and emissions from shipping. This helps Asyad Group's operational performance and quality improve, its profitability increase, and its business development.