YouTube's queue system now under testing for Android, iOS apps

Business Tuesday 27/December/2022 10:04 AM
YouTube's queue system now under testing for Android, iOS apps

Washington: Tech giant Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube has started to test out its queueing system on iOS and Android operating systems.

According to The Verge, an American technology news website, this feature has been available on the web for years now and shows up in YouTube apps under certain circumstances. Users who control their Chromecast with their phones might recognise it, as will those who use the YouTube Music app. Now, YouTube Premium users who opt-in to the test will be able to add videos to a stack that acts like an impermanent playlist, as per the outlet.
After the feature is turned on, the feature will let users access a new "Play last in queue" button in the three vertical dot menu that appears on video thumbnails.

If you tap it, the video will be added to the bottom of your queue or, if you're not watching one right now, a new queue will be created.

When the video you're watching ends, the app will begin playing the next video in the queue and continue doing so until you run out. Along with moving videos around, users can also delete them from the queue.

Your queue will be erased if you close the player, either by closing the app completely or by hitting the 'x' button in the bottom bar, reported The Verge.