Environment authority finalises first phase Oman's genebank project

Oman Monday 26/December/2022 20:02 PM
Environment authority finalises first phase Oman's genebank project

Muscat: The Environment Authority has finalised the first phase of establishing of a genebank to preserve genetic origins of wild animals through freezing (cryopreservation). The project seeks to conserve the genetic material of endangered wild animals, to save them from extinction and ensure their sustainability.

The process involves providing backup genetic material to help restore the genetic origins in case the loss of animal breeds as a result of diseases or natural disasters. The specimens will also be available to students, researchers and people interested in wild animals’ genetic resources. Genebanks serve as a unique source of genetic diversity that informs livestock rearing programmes. Genebanks provide storage facilities for genetic materials of all types. They constitute a set of genetic resources for living organisms like blood samples, eggs, tissue and cells.

Cryopreservation is an ideal method of conservation for wild animal species that avoids their extinction.

The project stems from cooperation between the Environment Authority (Fungal and living organisms reserve in Al Wusta Governorate), Mawarid Centre (Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation) and the Royal Court Affairs (Centre for wild animal rearing).