New Year's Eve special: Dine at Laval Restaurant
December 27, 2017 | 7:09 PM
by Salem Afifi
Laval Restaurant and Lounge

It’s sort of typical to think of dancing and partying when we hear these words: New Year’s Eve. But there are a bunch of us who you’d probably find sitting at a party, by the table nearest to the buffet with a massive plate full of soon-to-be-devoured delicious, chef specialties. Yes, I like my NYE blasting with loud music but also accompanied with food that will add sparkles to my party experience. This year I am taking you to Laval Restaurant and Lounge, where a lavish French-inspired buffet with all your favourite meat cuts and a lot more will be served. Buckle up, it’s going to be a meaty ride.

I have an unconditional love for meaty escapades, and at Laval is where I go to get my absolute favourite fix. This time around, I had the pleasure of meeting sous chef Gerald Vibal who promised to dish up juicy flavours as we countdown to midnight.

I sat at the rooftop terrace overlooking the Ghala Golf course in full anticipation mode, waiting to have a sample bite from their upcoming buffet. The place will be serving a variety of dishes with fish and chicken (which are tasty as well) but I had a carnivorous craving that needed attention. Luckily, Gerald cooked up a storm at Laval’s kitchen and prepared a number of plates full of his succulent creations. As he began describing the dishes, my stomach growls surfaced; overloaded with excitement.

I kick-started the feasting session with grilled and then baked eggplant rolls, filled with creamy feta cheese, and glazed with pomegranate reduction and a hint of olive oil. The dish was impeccable, the soft, rich-in-flavour, slightly sweet flesh of the eggplant mixed with the creamy taste of feta is to die for.

After savouring the starter, my proteins started flying off the kitchen and into my table. I was surrounded with a blend of fire-kissed, braised, and smoked aromas. The first plate came in with a tender, eight-hours-braised New Zealand lamb shank, laid on creamy Polenta and delicious lamb jus. The dish was superb. You can have it with your rice if you need to have some carbs with it, but to truly experience the juiciness of this dish, have it by itself - Just perfect.

For the second dish, I dived into fork-tender cheeks of Australian grain-fed beef, braised for eight hours, and served with beef jus, mash potatoes, and corn succotash. This was an absolute joy to savour. I had one bite after another, giving my taste buds a fleshy treat to remember. The dish was super tender and full of juices. Not to be missed.

By the time the third dish came out, my stomach was begging for mercy, but I had my sleeves rolled up and ready for more meat. You cannot walk into Laval and leave without trying their steaks. I tried their Rib Eye, which was marinated in garlic; fresh thyme; crushed peppercorns; and olive oil, finished with Maldon Smoked Sea Salt. The steak was cooked and served just the way I like it, moist and perfectly rare.

Now, the star of the show was the smoked US Beef Ribs, marinated with an in-house barbecue rub for twenty four hours, and slowly smoked with hickory chips for another sixteen hours. I think you’d figure that this was the pinnacle of my meaty escapade at Laval. The smoky, slightly crispy exterior added a tonne of character to this glorious dish. A must-try for barbecue lovers.

As I struggled to finish my succulent rib, a cocoa-filled dessert was placed on the table. It was ‘Death by Chocolate’, a dessert made of layers of various chocolates, coated with chocolate ganache, and served with chocolate fondue. This is a dream-come-true treat for all chocoholics, and a nice way to end my tasting session.

Overall, I truly had an amazing time at Laval, and as usual, their food is excellent, quality-wise and quantity, too. For New Year’s Eve, you are promised to have a wonderful evening with a buffet spread and a DJ to keep you and your loved ones entertained throughout the night as the clock hits midnight. Why not welcome 2018 with good vibes, great music, and a full stomach? Be there and thank me later. — [email protected]

Welcome 2018 at Laval with Winter Glitz extravaganza, which includes Gala Dinner at 7pm (OMR70 per guest), and a rooftop party at 9pm (OMR45 per guest). Dress code: Formal.

Laval Restaurant and Lounge

Ghala, Bousher

+968 2450 5112

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