Samsung pulls plug on its Galaxy A7x series line-up smartphones

Business Thursday 22/December/2022 15:26 PM
Samsung pulls plug on its Galaxy A7x series line-up smartphones

Washington: South Korean tech giant Samsung has decided to pull the plug on the top dog of its A series smartphone line-up, the A7x.

According to GSM Arena, a tech news-related website, a new rumour suggests that from next year onwards there will no more be an A7x device. Apparently, the A73 was the last A7x model ever made because there will not be an A74 released by Samsung in 2023, thus leaving the Galaxy A54 to be the headliner of the A series in both sales appeal but also sheer specs.

While other upcoming Ax4 line-up handsets have had leaks, no such thing happened to the A74, and that's allegedly due to the simple fact that there is no A74 in development, nor will there ever be, reported GSM Arena.
Though this cancellation might sound odd to many, it was something that could be seen coming because the Galaxy A73 was already marginalised in Samsung's portfolio. It was released in a smaller number of countries than the A72 before it.

As per GSM Arena, there's also no word about a Galaxy S22 FE or S23 FE, which leaves a weird (and pretty huge) price gap between the A54 and the S23.

Meanwhile, Samsung has been rolling out their Android 13-based One UI 5 update for their smartphones.

The company also assured users that they are aiming to bring future One UI versions even faster and to more devices simultaneously, reported GSM Arena.