Movies to watch this weekend

T-Mag Wednesday 21/December/2022 17:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Movies to watch this weekend

Cast: Martin Lawrence, John Malkovich, Melissa Roxburgh
Language: English

In this spellbinding thriller, detectives Jake Doyle (Martin Lawrence) and Mary Kelly (Melissa Roxburgh) seek the help of an incarcerated serial killer named The Artist (John Malkovich) when a copycat killer strikes. While Mary searches for clues in The Artist’s brilliant but twisted psyche, she and Jake are lured into a diabolical game of cat and mouse, racing against time to stay one step ahead of The Artist and his copycat.

Cast: Vishal, Sunainaa, Prabhu
Language: Tamil

Muruganantham (Vishal) is a police constable suspended for no fault of his. Unwittingly, he thrashes the son of a notorious don (Sunny PN). Muruganantham is forced to confront the villains at the expense of his young son being exposed to villainy. The rest of the movie is about his efforts to save his family and himself.

Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Asif Ali, Indrans
Language: Malayalam

The film explores the dark underbelly of Thiruvananthapuram where rival goondas clash in cold-blooded gang wars to gain dominion over the city's suburbs and slums.

Cast: Jacqueline Fernandez, Pooja Hegde, Ranveer Singh
Language: Hindi

Dr Roy Jamnadas who is working on a theory based on ‘nature vs nurture’ separates two sets of identical twins he finds at the doorstep of the orphanage he runs and gives them up for adoption to two different families in two different cities. A few years later, when one set of twins decide to visit the city where the other set of twins run a cirkus, a comedy of errors full of confusion and misunderstanding ensues only for them to come face to face in the end for the big reveal.

Naalam Mura
Cast: Divya Pillai, Biju Menon, Guru Somasundaram
Language: Malayalam

A police officer who does not use third-degree measures to interrogate the accused has to illegally detain and interrogate a suspected criminal for a case with no evidence and witnesses. With the political pressure mounting and the intelligent suspect playing confusing games, the police officer has to take out the Nalaam mura to resolve the case.