Oman tourism: Opinion sought to spur growth of Yiti and Yenkit

Oman Saturday 02/July/2016 21:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tourism: Opinion sought to spur growth of Yiti and Yenkit

Muscat: People are being called upon to put their thinking hats on as Oman looks for creative ideas for a major development project in the Yiti and Yenkit areas as part of plans to create a ‘new Omani way of life’.
The sites will be developed as communities and destinations that celebrate and honour the Sultanate’s heritage, culture, and environment and, at the same time, enjoy the advantages of a modern lifestyle.
To seek opinions from the public, and spur their imagination, to assist in the integrated planning of the two areas, an initiative called ‘Fikrati’ has been launched by the Oman Investment Fund, a Sovereign Wealth Fund of Oman.
Covering over 12 million square metres of land, Yiti and Yenkit are national assets consisting of natural treasures and unique features, which are proposed to be developed as new modern areas.
The development of Yiti and Yenkit will offer children and the next generation places to live and raise families, work, set-up businesses, create economic value, entertain guests and have fun, creating a new “Omani way of life”. The project seeks to capture the energy and vitality of Oman’s young population, embracing all future possibilities.
Yenkit and Yiti are exceptionally pristine locations, combining marinas, beaches, highland plateaus and canyons, and offering impressive views over Sea of Oman.
Further, the area benefits from easy access from the city centre and Muscat airport.
Plan calls for building vibrant urban communities that include several offerings, ranging from 3-star to upscale luxury hotels, as well as affordable to luxurious residential properties, retail, food and beverage outlets and office areas.
OIF’s vision is to build truly different and attractive destinations centred on leisure, entertainment, edutainment, nature and fun activities.
Crafted sustainably and with respect for the natural eco-system, the destinations will reflect the lifestyle, aspirations, ambitions, hopes and dreams of the people of the Sultanate. As places that are truly Omani, they will contribute to the growth and prosperity of the nation by broadening the economy and creating memorable living places and destinations.
To participate in this idea-generation process and submit creative ideas, the public is invited to visit the Yiti and Yenkit website at