ROHM to host acrobatic extravaganza ‘Carousel’

Oman Sunday 18/December/2022 15:12 PM
ROHM to host acrobatic extravaganza ‘Carousel’

Muscat: The Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) announced three nights of spectacular dance in Carousel, from the international ambassadors of Italian culture, the Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre. Following on from their performance of Play that closed the Spring 2022 season, ROHM is offering another acrobatic extravaganza to audiences in Oman.

Carousel takes moments from life and transforms them into a dance, drawing out the emotional and physical connections which make them special. Giulia Staccioli, founder and artistic director of Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre, creates the Grand Italian Hotel on stage, where a cross section of society, from the VIP guest to the humblest hotel worker, welcomes in the new year with a big celebration.

Carousel is a captivating show, inspiring joy and energy, through the creativity and elegance for which Giulia Staccioli's company and signature are known all over the world.

Carousel will take place at the Royal Opera House of Musical Arts on 22-23 December 2022.