Iftar in a Bedouin style at Chedi Oman

T-Mag Saturday 02/July/2016 20:09 PM
By: Times News Service
Iftar in a Bedouin style at Chedi Oman

As soon as I walked inside the chic Restaurant, a waiter escorted me back out again, to an outdoor area I thought of as a secret garden. I looked around, searching for a perfect spot for my evening meal, settling on a table by a pink-lanterned tree. I sat down, and as I waited for the clock to strike seven, I took in the rest of the space, noticing a few unique touches that really enhanced the Arabian theme. The vintage, white air conditioners mounted atop the woven tent fabric reminded me of the old houses in interior villages, the trees surrounded by tiny rocks added to the natural feel, and a huge black pot had been filled with burning frankincense, which perfumed the air.

A few minutes before the Maghreb adan, an army of waiters entered, holding trays with glasses of water and Ramadan staples laban, and my personal favourite, Vimto, a juice made of grapes, raspberries, and blackcurrants. They placed the drinks on my table along with dates and dried apricots, just in time. As the adan sounded, I broke my fast with apricots and washed them down with Vimto.
The buffet at Chedi is quite extensive with a variety of delicious traditional and Arabian dishes. I grabbed a plate and filled it with an assortment of hot and cold mezzes, savouring hummus, mutabal, tabbouleh, fattoush, stuffed grape leaves, samboosa, fried kebbe, stuffed pastries, and flatbreads.

After enjoying the mezzes, I loaded a small plate with a colourful array of Arabic sweets and exotic fruits, including fruit salad, dragon fruit, pineapple, and watermelon.
The aroma of nut-mixed biryani rice filled the air, and I found myself lured back to the buffet line where I took a big plate which I filled with fragrant biryani, chewy Dawood Basha meatballs loaded with pine nuts, and, what turned out to be the star of the show, hamoor fish served with saffron rice.

After enjoying the sumptuous Arabic feast, I retired to the other tent for coffee and tea. There I sat, luxuriating in the relaxing ambiance and the afterglow of my very special meal.

- OMR21 per person
- Guests can also order a la carte dishes from the restaurant’s menu for an additional price

Stars of the buffet
- Chicken biryani
- Hamoor with Saffron Rice
- Vermicelli rice
- Dawood Basha Meatballs
- Arabic Mixed Grill
- Mezze Selection
-Fantastic Exotic Fruits