Oman Health: How to tune off from work

Lifestyle Saturday 02/July/2016 17:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Health: How to tune off from work

You’ve had a tough day at work and you just need some peace and quiet to nurse your wounds or ponder over your boss’ nasty e-mail. But just as you set foot inside your home your children literally pounce on you with some request or complaint and your spouse is trying to make herself heard over their shrill voices. What do you do?
The average working man or woman snaps irritably and there is a blow-up just looming in the horizon and you land up having a guilty conscience for ruining everyone’s evening. We all need some time to shake off the aura of work so that we are in good shape to tackle the children and pay attention to what the wife/husband is saying. So here are a few tips that will have you well on your way to a good mood by the time you hit the doorbell at home.
1. Take off something - It could be that heavy jacket or that silk tie or even your earrings, anything that signifies ‘work’. It’s just a physical reminder that your day is done and that it’s time for home.
2. Take off that techno-leash - Even if it’s for 15-20 minutes, just shut the phone off. The world will not crash and the business will not crumble. Just take a few moments away from the incessant rings and pings.
3. Turn up the radio - Let the music blast inside your car for a few minutes. Let it fill each and every pore of your being so that you are literally flushing the work out of your body. Sing along at the top of your voice, let out all that anger and frustration. You need to decompress, baby.
4. Unfocus - Don’t think about anything in particular. Just let your mind wander aimlessly after its day of intense concentration. Look at the trees on the roadside or the pretty blooms near the flyover or even ogle at the fancy car in front of you. Just daydream.
5. Have a marker - Tell yourself to stop thinking about work after a particular geographical marker. It could be any landmark or traffic signal or roundabout. Something to remind you that you need to stop going over your office stuff in your head right about now.
6. Have a laugh - Think of something funny or interesting that happened at work or over the weekend with your family or friends. Something hilarious or amusing that can make you grin from ear to ear.
7. Give yourself 10 – Stop somewhere nice for 10 minutes. It could be by a park or beach or even a cafeteria. Take a moment to breathe; let go of all that stress, all those negative thoughts and excess energy swirling inside you. Sip karak chai or drink laban or lemonade and tell yourself that you are going home not only to recharge and rejuvenate yourself for a better tomorrow but also because your family has been waiting see to you all day. —