Christmas to-do list
December 20, 2017 | 6:15 PM

2017 is almost over and it’s finally the festive time when all the places are well lit and decorated, people are merry, and there’s just lots of adorable-looking food everywhere. Yes, it is Christmas season, when there is so much to be excited about. But to make the festivities a little more fun, here are some of the things you should try doing this Christmas.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa has become a Christmas tradition that people irrespective of their faith, country, background have been actively following. It is a fun game in which you become someone’s Santa and make their day by giving them a present. Members of a group need to pick chits that will have names of other members of the group. You will be assigned to buy a gift for the person whose chit you pick.


Even if you are not much of a brunch person, Christmas brunches are always special. You get to wear the Christmas caps, be amidst the beautifully pleasant decor and savour on some amazing food while Christmas carols and jingles play in the background blending with your conversations. There are a number of places in Oman where you can go to dine out or you could even invite your gang home for a nice brunch by the Christmas tree.


One thing I used to look forward to during the Christmas season as a child were the plum cakes. With time my taste in cakes kept varying but I would always want to try a variety of them during Christmas. So this year you could try and bake your own cake either by joining a quick baking class or through the most reliable teacher - YouTube. Pick a theme and bake not just for yourself, but also for your friends and relatives and distribute it around.

Christmas Karaoke

There are tons of Christmas classics that can get you in the festive mood almost instantaneously. Organise a fun karaoke session with your friends and sing out loud at a cosy venue of your preference. Some of the Christmas specials you must put on the list would be All I Want For Christmas Is You —Mariah Carey, White Christmas —Bing Crosby, Santa Claus is Coming to Town — Jackson 5, Blue Christmas —Elvis Presley, 8 Days of Christmas —Destiny’s Child.


The Christmas season doesn’t just feel good, it even looks good. It’s all about bright lights and colours and fancy decorations. Now is the time to open your DIY kit and hone your art and craft skills to make your crib look pretty and festive. Some of the essentials would be fairy lights, Christmas tree and accessories, wreaths and garlands, DIY snowflakes and other paper-made adornments.

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