1000 frankincense saplings planted in Dhofar

Oman Saturday 03/December/2022 11:28 AM
By: Times News Services
1000 frankincense saplings planted in Dhofar

Muscat: A thousand frankincense saplings were planted in Wadi Dawka Reserve as part of the frankincense season programme, in celebration of the inclusion of the sites of the Land of Frankincense in the World Heritage List, which falls on December 2 of each year.

The initiative was established with the contribution and participation of the Natural Frankincense Products Company, the Frankincense Land Team and Salalah Adventures, with the support of the General Directorate of Environment and the Directorate General of Agricultural, Fisheries and Water Resources in Dhofar Governorate, and the participation of the local community and a number of visitors and tourists.

Yesterday evening, the activities of the frankincense season concluded, which included a number of recreational activities and events, which lasted for three days.