Galfar co-founder interacts with Indian school children
December 17, 2017 | 12:06 PM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: The “Interactive session with the personality of the year” has been a much anticipated annual event fervently looked forward to by all the stake holders of the school.

This year Indian School Salalah was privileged to have Dr. P Mohamed Ali, a leading business tycoon in Oman, as the ‘personality of the year’ who interacted with the students, parents and teachers of Indian School Salalah on 15th December 2017, in Dhofar University Auditorium- Salalah.

Dr. P Mohamed Ali is a non-resident Indian businessman hailing from Thalikulam in Thrissur. He is the co-founder of Galfar Engineering and Contracting Co.

The Oman Government has awarded "Civil Order Grade Three" to him for his contribution to the country. Dr. P. Mohamed Ali received the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award from Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India, in 2004 for promoting the honour and prestige of India. In 2013, he was honoured with the Pravasi Diwas, by the President of India for his contributions to the hospitality sector. Dr. P. Mohamed Ali is not only well-known for his achievements and awards but he is also famous for being a philanthropist.

Honourable President of the School Management Committee Dr. Debashish C Bhattacharya, other esteemed members of the SMC, Principal Mr. T.R. Brown and the Student Prefectorial body of the school received Dr P Mohamed Ali with due honour at the Salalah Dhofar University Auditorium. Mr. C.T. Ramasamy, AVP- Academics, who anchored the event, gave a general welcome to the Chief Guest and emphasized the importance of such interactive sessions with renowned personalities that stimulate, guide and influence the students of IS Salalah.

As the programme commenced, Honourable President of the School Management Committee Dr. Debashish C Bhattacharya and Principal Mr. T.R. Brown presented a bouquet of flowers to Dr. P Mohamed Ali- the personality of the year, which was then followed by melodious welcome notes“ Swagtam Su Swagtam...” by the school choir.

Honourable President of the School Management Committee Dr. Debashish C Bhattacharya welcomed the Chief Guest, other invitees, parents and students and called for making the session a grand success. He said that it has been a unique platform for the students from 9th to 12th classes and also for the toppers from 5th to 12th classes to interact and learn from extraordinary personalities. He formally introduced Dr. P Mohamed Ali. He highlighted his achievements and contribution in the field of construction and education. He also explained how his being a philanthropist has helped thousands of people in Oman as well as in India.

In his address Dr. P Mohamed Ali, talked about his journey and told how he had come from a small village of India and shared his nostalgic experience.

While sharing some of his past experiences he said, “It does not matter where you come from, but it is the determination in you to come up matters” In his speech Dr. P Mohamed Ali shared his key to success with students. He talked about the importance of attitude, being focused, importance of planning and the value of discipline in life.

The much awaited interactive session with the personality of the year then began wherein students asked various question from the field of business and education. He candidly answered all the questions, fears and doubts raised by the students. During the course of his interaction, he passionately focused on the importance of one’s positive attitude towards life, and towards the whole process of being human.

He emphasized on having curiosity among the students to learn things. He said, “Planning is natural talent, a proper planning and discipline are keys to success.”

When a student asked, “How was your journey as a young entrepreneur of a start up? “, he said, “I wanted to do something and I preferred to be a head of a mouse than a tail of an elephant.” and so he took many risks which made him a successful entrepreneur. He advised students to accept challenges and said that there is no substitution to hard work. While answering a question asked by a student about coping with failures, he very firmly said, “I never looked back; one must define what the meaning of failure is for him.” He further added saying, “there is nothing called failure, there are only challenges and each challenge is a path - leading towards success.”

While answering another student, Dr. P Mohamed Ali defined and explained what success meant to him. He said that human values are more important than anything else. He said, “How many people trust you that define success for you, success is when you win the trust of everyone around you.” Answering to the question of Mr. Ganesh, faculty Hindi dept. he talked about his contribution to the society as a philanthropist. He said that it is an opportunity to give back to the society who has given him a lot.

He emphasized on importance of being helpful to the fellow human beings.

The highly venerated Dr. P Mohamed Ali’s modesty and humility in answering all the questions asked by students touched the hearts of one and all who witnessed the Interactive Session. In his concluding words Dr. P Mohamed Ali praised students for their excellent questions and eulogized the school authorities and the SMC for their tireless endeavor in supporting the students and the community in Salalah.

As a token of gratitude, a memento was presented to the personality of the year, Dr P. Mohamed Ali by Dr. C.M Najeeb, Vice Chairman, BOD Indian Schools in Oman and DIC Indian School Salalah, President of the School Management Committee Dr. Debashish C Bhattacharya and the Principal, Mr. T.R. Brown. It was a rare experience for the students, teachers, parents and special invitees who interacted with this humble and simple Dr. P Mohamed Ali.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh Member-SMC. He conveyed his deep sense of gratitude to Dr. P Mohamed Ali, for accepting the invitation, and also for motivating and inspiring students. He also thanked the Dhofar University authority for their support in making the event a grand success. He expressed his gratitude to the parents and students for their presence and energetic involvement in the event. He thanked the President of the School Management Committee Dr. Debashish C Bhattacharya, his colleagues in SMC, Principal, Mr. T.R. Brown, Vice Principal, AVPs, HODs, teaching and non-teaching staff for their contribution and keen interest in the all-round development of the students. The event came to an end with a photo session with the personality of the year, Dr P Mohamed Ali.

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