Oman's average annual rainfall crossed in just 48 hours
December 17, 2017 | 11:42 AM
by Rahul Das/[email protected]
Photo: Bader Ali Al Baddaei, administrator of

Muscat: Wilayat of Mahoot received 143 millimetres (mm) of rain in between December 15 and 17, officials announced on Sunday.

Historical data available says that Oman averages 117 mm of rainfall annually, while for the month of December, the average is 16.5 mm.

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources has announced that Mahoot in Al Wusta governorate saw the highest amount of rainfall, in a report on the weather changes that affected the country over the period of December 15 and 17.

While Samail saw 114 mm of rain, Khasab saw 100 mm, Nizwa saw 91 mm, Al Hamra, with 83 mm, and fifth on the list was Bahla, with 67 mm of rain.

In the capital, Muscat saw just 6 mm of rain, Muttrah 9 mm and Bausher 7 mm of rain.

According to the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre, Saturday's rain resulted in heavy flooding and overflowing of several wadis.

Officials expect more rain in the next few hours. "We expect heavy to moderate rain in the next few hours so we urge everyone to take precautions," an official said.

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