OmanPride: Emad Al Hosni, the Omani Messi
December 13, 2017 | 5:28 PM
by Gautam Viswanathan
Oman's football player Imad al-Hosni celebrates after scoring the second goal against Iraq during the 19 th Gulf Cup football tournament in Muscat on January 7, 2009. AFP PHOTO/STR

#ReadersResponse: The love the residents of Oman have for their football team is one that unites all of us – whether local or expat – together. Seeing the players of the national team represent their country is a matter of pride and honour for all of us.

Few Omani footballers, though, have earned the acclaim of the nation as Emad Al Hosni has. Now aged 33, the striker is Oman’s top scorer after legendary frontman Hani Al Dhabit, having scored 37 goals for the national side, in addition to a storied career that has taken him from Oman to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Belgium and back. Small wonder, then, that Omani striker Emad Al Hosni is fondly remembered for his goal scoring abilities and complete professionalism.

“When I was in Oman, I remember watching many games of Emad Al Hosni and the national team,” said Mohammad Anis. “For me, he is the Omani Messi,” as Halom Halijdeh added, “Emad Al Hosni is one of the best and finest footballing professionals from Asia.”

“Emad Al Hosni is an excellent player of his generation, but has had no achievements to his name, unfortunately,” added Abady Al Salmi. “Hopefully this will change in the future when he becomes a coach.”

Emad Al Hosni

Given Al Hosni’s long stint in Saudi Arabia, he is still very fondly remembered by fans of Al Ahli, where he scored 52 goals in 99 games across three seasons.

“I thank God for what he gave to Al Ahli football club,” said Abdul Aziz. “When the time to score a goal is near, thoughts of Emad Al Hosni come to mind.”

Mousa Al Jarbi added, “He is a genuine team leader, and I thank him for his continued support towards sports. With all my heart, I really appreciate his success and thank God for giving him this success. Thank you to Emad Al Hosni, and we all wish him well.”

Mukhtafat A’Salimi said, “I still remember one of the last games I saw at the stadium. It was during the days of Emad Al Hosni and I will not forget it.” “I remember one of the games I went to in Medina,” added Sarhan S. “It was on Saturday, the 10th of September 2011, and Emad Al Hosni played so well that day,” even as Ramaz Al Khaled said, “I swear that you are one of the best players, and I pray that you come back to play for Al Ahli because all of us here love you.”

“When Emad Al Hosni was playing, you knew he would always score in front of the fans, and he has scored many memorable goals for Al Ahli,” added Masheel Nahar, with Saleh Al Thuraji contributing with, “He is a good striker, because not only does he create opportunities for himself with his movement, but he is always there to score from chances that are created for him as well.”

Mohammed Al Marri, a Qatari football fan who saw Al Hosni play for Doha-based club Al Rayyan, also recalled his time with the team, saying, “I wish to see a repeat of Emad Al Hosni playing for Al Rayyan Club.”

“All of the players give the ball to Emad Al Hosni, because they all know what he can do with it,” said Salman Al Harbi.

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