Over 2,000 people attend Amad Duqm 22 activities

Oman Sunday 27/November/2022 20:32 PM
By: Times News Service
Over 2,000 people attend Amad Duqm 22 activities

Muscat: The Amad Duqm 22 activities, which attracted over 2,000 visitors on its first day, continue amid the admiration and enjoyment of attendees of youth events and activities in culture, sports, innovation, technology, sustainability, and entertainment.

The event, which runs through for 9 days, is organised in cooperation between the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.

Astronomy present
Among the activities taking place in Amad Duqm 22 event comes the observation of planets and celestial bodies as well as various astronomy topics.

A special corner was arranged for astronomy activities. His Highness Dr. Fares bin Turki Al Said, Director General of Marketing at the Astronomy Technology Foundation Trading, spoke about what this special corner offers for the visitor, “Our participation in Amad Duqm 22 event is motivated by our responsibility to educate the public about astronomy, the history of astronomy around the world, as well as live observations of some celestial bodies, particularly on these days of the year. Such celestial body observation falls under the umbrella of astronomical and scientific tourism”.

He added “It is necessary for visitors and the public to become well-versed in astronomy. Our beloved nation has clear skies and a variety of landscapes from north to south, which inspires astronomy enthusiasts to engage in and enjoy such activities. In fact, it is a chance to inspire the general public to consider the scientific, historical, and entertaining aspects of astronomy, demonstrating that astronomy is, in its simplest definition, the use of our eyes to observe some nearby celestial bodies and the use of astronomical instruments to provide more clearer views than what the naked eye can see.

“Young people are the building blocks of the future, and our establishment works to foster young people’s interest in science. Visitors and the general public participating in Amad Duqm 22 event activities will have the chance to see the sky and hear classic stories about stars from ancient civilisations in addition to learning about Arab heritage. Visitors will have the opportunity to view planets and other celestial bodies through telescopes there. From 8 pm. until the conclusion of the event, we will be in the village”, His Highness added.

In presence of large numbers of people, Sky Safari team of Oman led by Captain Jamal bin Khamis Al Zadjali (representative of the Omani Committee for Aerial Sports), took part in Amad Duqm 22 event, in front of a sizable crowd. The team displayed flying skills that attracted spectators by decorating the sky of Duqm with the colours of the Sultanate’s flag and images of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, may Allah protect him, by raising flags, conducting training programs and Air Tours for visitors and the tourists alike.

Al Zadjali added saying; the objective beyond team’s participation was to introduce visitors to this kind of sports and shedding light on the way such sports contribute to attract domestic tourism to Sultanate of Oman, pointing out that the Sky Safari Oman paragliding team including an elected procession of Omani highly-qualified personnel including pilots, trainers and experienced ground crew that has been highly appreciated by the authorities supervising Amad Duqm 22 event.

The event comes as a mini experimental laboratory for the aspirations of Omani youth. The design and implementation processes were entrusted to a selected group of creative Omani youth to create a vision that combines science, technology, art and entertainment to create a better world.

The Event, which is being held on an area of ​​500,000 sqm, was designed to simulate a residential village with integrated facilities.

Duqm is suitable for the Event because it encourages immersion in the experience and meditation in an atmosphere of tranquility away from the noise of the city, he furthered.

The activities in Amad Duqm 22 will be diverse and combine the future vision of youth and brainstorming. They include meditation sessions, an electric bike circuit (scooter), Padel exhibition games, an obstacle course, drones, a remote control car racing circuit, art labs, video games, and backgammon.

There will be as well concerts, astronomy camp and other activities that introduce visitors to the pristine nature of Duqm.

For the first time in Duqm, there will be orchestra performances in addition to a number of music performances and other activities as well.