Amad Duqm 22 event begins in Oman

Oman Saturday 26/November/2022 10:56 AM
By: Times News Services
Amad Duqm 22 event begins in Oman

Muscat: The activities of Amad Duqm 22 started  on Friday afternoon, by organising a youth auto march, in which the local community, employees at the Special Economic Zone at Duqm and the teams participating in the event took part.

The march started from Amad Duqm village to Saay Commercial District. The sky of Duqm was also adorned with paragliding that accompanied the march.

The event, which runs through for 9 days, is organised in cooperation between the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth. The event embraces many youth activities in various fields such as culture, sports, innovation, technology, sustainability and entertainment.

Eng. Tariq bin Mohammed Al Mujaini, Head of the team preparing the site for Amad Duqm 22 event, said, “We faced challenges in preparing the site before the start of the event, due to the lack of some materials that we had to bring from the capital, Muscat. Thanks to the efforts of Omani youth, we were able to overcome the challenges. All facilities were completed on schedule and now many visitors are enjoying the event and its activities.

“Preparing such a large site within a short period of time is not easy at all. We had to pave the ground and connect electricity to the site. Thanks to everyone who contributed to preparing this event in Duqm for the first time,” he added.

As part of the events accompanying Amad Duqm 22, the Special Economic Zone Department of Duqm organised a number of visits to the Sculptors’ Forum in Nufoon village. The programme included visits to a number of school students and members of the Omani Women’s Association in Duqm. Visitors expressed their admiration for the aesthetics of these sculptures, which will be transferred to decorate a number of sites in Duqm.

Nufoon village also received many tourists and visitors to see the sculptures, made by a group of international sculptors who came from Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania and Tunisia, in addition to a number of prominent Omani sculptors. The statues reflect the geological nature of the Sultanate of Oman.

The sculptors participating in the event produced statues of different sizes, ranging in height from 2-3 metres. The Sculpture Forum, which will last until December 3, includes conducting workshops to introduce the art of sculpture to locals, employees of companies operating in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, and school students.

Within the initiatives and volunteering works, the General Directorate of Scouts and Girl Guides at the Ministry of Education participated in “Amad Duqm 22” with 140 participants, of whom 70 are from scouts, and 70 from the scout music band. They manage and organise entry and exit to and from event sites, and guide visitors to all sites and events in which the activities and programmes of the event are held. They also provide logistical support in all technical, organisational and administrative aspects. They also present musical performances for the visitors.

Khalifa bin Ali Al Rawahi, General Supervisor of the Scouts and Girl Guides Team participating in the event, said, “Our participation in the event comes as part of the community partnership and voluntary efforts undertaken by members of scouts and guides, with the aim of serving the environment and society and providing logistical support.

Amad Duqm 22 event comes as a mini experimental laboratory for the aspirations of Omani youth. The design and implementation processes were entrusted to a selected group of creative Omani youth to create a vision that combines science, technology, art and entertainment to create a better world.

The Event, which is being held on an area of ​​500,000 sqm, was designed to simulate a residential village with integrated facilities.

Duqm is suitable for the Event because it encourages immersion in the experience and meditation in an atmosphere of tranquility away from the noise of the city”, he furthered.

The activities in Amad Duqm 22 will be diverse and combine the future vision of youth and brainstorming. They include meditation sessions, an electric bike circuit (scooter), Padel exhibition games, an obstacle course, drones, a remote control car racing circuit, art labs, video games, and backgammon.  There will be as well concerts, astronomy camp and other activities that introduce visitors to the pristine nature of Duqm. For the first time in Duqm, there will be orchestra performances in addition to a number of music performances and other activities as well.