Knowledge Oman sets up new team for community seminars

Oman Wednesday 23/November/2022 21:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Knowledge Oman sets up new team for community seminars

Muscat: As part of enriching the society with knowledge led seminars that aims at engaging the public in critical thinking on current issues and collaborative efforts towards aligning with the Oman 2040 Vision, Knowledge Oman, the leading community knowledge sharing platform in the Sultanate, has appointed both local and expatriate new team members from the private sector, academia and youth in order to enhance the delivery of community seminars touching all segments of the society.

Imad Al-Hamdani, working for one of the telecom operators is the new head of seminars, while Bradley Levack, an expat educator in one of the private international schools, will act as his deputy, and Hassan Al Afarai will lead the volunteers that are integral part of the delivery of the seminar programmes.

“Sharing various practical industry knowledge, promoting talents and positivity across the country is what we do at Knowledge Oman. Bringing different industries together under one roof, along with the support of the academia, while ensuring youth too are part of the society impact has always been our goal. For that, we have now setup a new team that comprise of individuals that work in companies, educators that work in academia, and youth that are active and eager to be part of the impact” said Balqees Al Hassani, President of Knowledge Oman.

Imad Al Hamdani, currently heads the strategic planning at Ooreedoo, joins Knowledge Oman to lead the seminars team primarily focusing on planning, organising and conducting sessions for the society. Al Hamdani is a Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Sheffield with more than 20 years of diversified experience in the fields of Engineering, IT, Commercial, Corporate Communication and Strategic Planning and Performance Management.

Bradley Levack, a South African educator at the Qurum Private School, joins the team to support Imad Al Hamdani in seminar planning, organising and conducting sessions for community knowledge transfer.

Bradley has been involved in community development through Integrated Development Planning, a German Technical Cooperation programme. He has been instrumental in Heritage and Cultural Tourism development, having served on the Board for Tourism Development and lecturing tourism at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, in Port Elizabeth.

He was deployed to support various municipal structures in rural areas focusing on Youth Development Skills Programmes. Bradley currently coordinates the International Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel Programme at Qurum Private School.

Hassan Salem Al-Subi, a student at the Middle East College, joins the team to lead the volunteer pool to support the necessary delivery of the seminar programs and logistics. Hassan has received numerous certificate of appreciation from the college for organising and conducting events as part of the academic activities. Hassan holds a certificate in human development accredited by the Magic Training LTD Institute.

Knowledge Oman has been conducting events along with other private and public institutions since 2008.

Members of the platform comprises from diverse and different backgrounds, both local and expats. The platform encourages community engagement amongst all passionate individuals within the Sultanate to enhance their own self development as well as to collaborate towards serving Oman and moving it forward towards its 2040 goal. Seminars have included areas of interest such Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Cyber Bullying, Gamification and the most recent seminar “Woman: The Pulse of a Sustainable Society” that acknowledge Women contribution for the society.

Knowledge Oman seminars often draw on expertise within the community and are offered free to the public.  These efforts form the basis of Knowledge Oman’s commitment to knowledge sharing and community upliftment.