Mercedes-Benz collaborates with Avatar: The Way of Water from 20th Century Studios

Roundup Wednesday 23/November/2022 12:10 PM
By: Times News Service

Mercedes-Benz is entering the next phase of its strategic brand collaboration with Avatar: The Way of Water and 20th Century Studios that aims to embed themes such as sustainability, mobility of the future, technology and innovation within an emotional brand experience.

A global co-promotion campaign started for the much-anticipated movie Avatar: The Way of Water from 20th Century Studios which opens in theatres on December 16. Building upon the campaign idea of “Earth is our Pandora”, the messaging focuses on responsibility to our planet – reinforcing the central Mercedes‑Benz corporate messaging “Every action counts. Join our journey to a fully electric future.”

Exclusive film footage shows Avatar: The Way of Water’s vibrant environmental imagery and locations on earth to evoke a dreamlike sense of otherworldliness. Campaign assets such as the TVC depict fully electric vehicles from Mercedes‑EQ including the new EQE SUV.

The campaign will play out across key Mercedes-Benz markets worldwide, with assets covering TV, cinema, digital and social media. Co-promotional campaign assets are available in 30, 20, 15 and 10-second lengths. The co-promotion campaign completes a circle which debuted with the VISION AVTR concept vehicle, which was inspired by the world of AVATAR.