Instagram influencer Alfredo Barulli shares the story behind his VIP Publicity Agency, 10X Experts

Roundup Wednesday 23/November/2022 12:03 PM
By: Times News Service
Instagram influencer Alfredo Barulli shares the story behind his VIP Publicity Agency, 10X Experts

Italian Instagram influencer Alfredo Barulli is among the first to create a VIP PR firm to assist organizations and individuals in realizing their full potential. But how did Alfredo manage to launch his VIP PR Agency? The author of this article sat down with Alfredo Barulli to learn in detail about his journey from an Instagram influencer to the owner of a VIP PR firm.

Q. Hello Alfredo Barulli. Please share some information about yourself.

A. Hi, I am Alfredo Barulli. I hail from Massafra, a small town in the south of Italy, in the Taranto province. I have a high school diploma in IT, and a degree in Personal Training from the International Sports Sciences Association. Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Funnel Marketing, Fb & IG Advertising, Influencer marketing, content creation, PR & Media are some areas in which I specialized.

I am an Instagram influencer and have gained over 1 million followers throughout these years. Due to the constant invites from luxury resorts, hotels, fine dining restaurants, tourism, and government authorities for promotional work, I have to travel to different parts of the world.

Q. What motivated you to start the VIP PR Agency, 10X Experts Agency?

A. My aim in starting this firm was to help entrepreneurs and brands get featured in the press and receive brand recognition as the #1 in their fields of expertise. The website mentions, “We turn social media users into VERIFIED INFLUENCERS, entrepreneurs into world-famous leaders, and ordinary businesses into exclusive brands.” This firm that I started can be defined as a VIP Publicity Agency.

No PR Agency aims to help entrepreneurs become influencers and is run by influencers. This is what makes us unique.

Q. What kind of services do 10X Experts Dubai provide?

A. At 10X Experts, our services include lead generation, social media growth, media placements, branding strategy, Wikipedia page creation, contributor spots, Google knowledge panel creation, IMDB page creation, book publishing, speaking gigs, podcast interviews, TV appearances, and reputation management.

Q. How can the brands and the businesses benefit by employing your services?

A. Our PR agency helps get the brand, business, or person featured in some of the top publications in the world within a few days. Some of the journals with whom we work closely include Forbes, Entrepreneur, Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Haute Living, GQ Magazine, Maxim, and many more from the Middle East such as Entrepreneur Middle East, Forbes Middle East, Khaleej Times, Arabian Business, Gulf Times, Gulf Business, Gulf Today, Arab Times, Kuwait Times.

Q. Thank you, Alfredo, for giving us the time for this interview. How can a brand or entrepreneur reach you for your PR Consulting services in Dubai?

A. Anyone can direct message me on Instagram @alfredo.barulli.