World Tourism Organisation launches Arab Tourism Media awards
December 12, 2017 | 12:30 AM
by ONA
Dr. Sultan Al Yahyai, President of ACTM praised the support of the World Tourism Organisation. – ONA

Muscat: Dr. Talib Al Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organisation (WTO), launched last night at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre the awards of the tenth session of Arab Tourism Media for the year 2018 and opened the door to the nominations for the awards of the Arab Centre for Tourism Media (ACTM).

Dr. Al Rifai affirmed his full support for the Arab tourism media, praising the role of ACTM, which began ten years ago, noting the importance of the role of the media and its various activities, which contribute to stimulating the Arab and international tourism sector, noting that one out of six persons in the world annually travels with a total of one billion and 200 million passengers.

Dr. Sultan Al Yahyai, President of ACTM praised the support of the World Tourism Organisation for the activities of the Centre and all the media ideas that contribute to supporting Arab tourism and then presented a film about the Arab Tourism Media Awards in its new session.

He pointed out that ACTM has opened the way to receive nominations for the tenth session of the Oscar Awards for Arab Tourism Media from December 10 to February 10, 2018 on the website for voting stating that the winners will be announced in February 2018 and honouring them at a ceremony in July 2018.

The ACTM Awards will be awarded under the supervision of a panel of academics and journalists specialised in the study of content, press coverage and adherence to professional standards.

Al Yahyai clarified the conditions and list of categories of awards approved by the awards committee for 2018.

They are: best specialised journalist, the best female writer, best television show, best radio show, best Arab tourist magazine, best Arabic newspaper interested in local and Arabic tourism, best documentary tourist programme, best Arab news agency, best photo, best promotional campaign for local tourism, best Arab tourist festival (for the festivals of tourism activation in the Arab countries), best tourist electronic site.

The second category awards allocated for tourism information communication includes best tourist account on Twitter and the best tourist account on Instagram and the best tourist account on snapshot, best tourist account.

The third category awards for Arab tourism organisations include the award of the best Arab Tourism Authority to achieve growth in Arab tourism in 2017, the best five-star hotel (characterized by Arab hospitality, Arab customs and Arab design), the best 4-star hotel (characterized by Arab hospitality, Arab customs and Arab design), best Arab travel agency, the best travel and tourism agency, the best Arab tourist cities, and the best Arab tourist fair.

The fourth category awards for Arab tourism personalities include the tourism personality of the year (an influential Arab figure in the tourism sector and a prominent contributor to the support of Arab tourism), the governmental personality supporting Arab tourism, the Arab tourism ambassador, the Arab leadership of foreign bodies and the best Arab general manager of Public Relations at the level of tourist bodies.

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